11 Ways to Immerse Yourself in Your Goal.

14 MARCH 2017 // BIZ SH*T

I was speaking with one of my business buddies the other day (do you have one – if not you need one!) and we were sharing ideas of things we do to make our goals actually happen.  We both a have the plan, we both have the to do list(s!), we both have the intention, passion and determination. But what else can we do to make sure we achieve? This was the topic of our discussion.

And we came up with a big long list of things that just flowed out of discussion. Things we have done ourselves, things we have picked up along the way, things we have heard other people do and I wanted to share this list with you, in case it helps you.

So, here goes – you ready?

01. Change your passwords to your goal. We are entering passwords into things numerous times a day and we do it without even thinking about it. How great would it be if that password was actually something that we were working towards – perhaps it is a financial goal, perhaps it is a project we are working on, perhaps it is the big scary dream that gets us out of bed in the morning. If we could get this running subconsciously through our brains, what impact would it have? A lot I think!  So, the passcode on your phone could be a financial target perhaps. The password on your computer could link to a big project you are working on. The key – Just use one (because you will forget them if you have more and it will dilute the effect of what we are trying to do here).

02. Make a screensaver for your laptop and your mobile of your goal – you can do this on Canva. So you see it every time you are working, every time you pick up your phone. A constant reminder of your purpose, of your goal.

0.3 Write your goal down every single day. This is a simple trick but something I do when I am working to a target. At the top of my diary everyday I write down my goal so that I am reminding myself of it every single day. The act of physically writing has a power over your brain – it embeds the message and this is so key for your goals.

04. Create a mantra for yourself about your goal. Mantras are really powerful, especially if you do meditation or spend a few minutes doing some breathing exercises. Your mantra could be something to do with your goal or it could be something you need to be in order to get to your goal. For example, you can say, throughout they day “Today I will be focussed and productive and take steps closer to achieving my goal”. I try to do a yoga practice at the start of each day and at the end of the practice I set an intention for my day and this will change dependent upon what it is that I need to focus on. If I have client work to do I will say something like “I will dedicate my energy to [x] and connect to their goals and purpose to enable me to provide my best work”.

05. Make a goal video. This is a fun thing to do. Let’s say you have some positive messages that you want to embed in your brain about success, create yourself a little video of those messages. Make some memes in Canva and stitch them together in a system such as magisto and make them into a little video for yourself to watch when you need a kick up the bum!

06. Create a vision board.  I love vision boards but I haven’t always loved them. I kind of thought they were a bit of a woo woo thing to be honest, but now I love them! They are a great way of immersing yourself in your goal because they remind you what you are striving for in a really visual way. Now, one of the biggest barriers I hear about vision boards is having your goals, targets, financial details plastered all around your office (which well could be your dining room!) so, a way that I do my vision boards is on the back of a picture that I have in my office so I can turn it around when I don’t want people to see it. You could always use a big board and have it down the side of your workspace and get it out when you need to be inspired. It really does work wonders and I really recommend that you give it a go. 

07. Create a Pinterest vision board. If you are more of an online kinda girl and less of a cut things out and stick them down kinda girl then why not create a vision board in Pinterest. Just create a new board and, now this is important, make sure you set it as SECRET this way no one will be able to see it. You could pin places you want to visit, magazines you want to be featured in, things you want to do, brands you aspire to – anything that motivates you and gets you going.

08. Set a daily reminder. I love this one and I do it every time I am focussing on the outcome of a project. I create a new reminder on my phone to go off throughout the day, first thing in the morning, mid morning, mid afternoon and then on the evening before I go to bed and in that reminder I write my goal. So what happens is the reminder pops up and it realigns me back to my intention for the day, for that week, for that month – however long the project is running for. It is a great way of bringing your awareness back to what you are GOING to achieve.

09. Make a poster for your wall. Go into canva and create a new design, A4 or A5 and get creative – write your goal in the centre – print it out and stick it on your wall in front of where you work, or in a frame on your desk. Again, seeing this everyday will just remind you of what you are aiming for. If I have something big going on I will also stick them inside my wardrobe, inside my kitchen cupboards so that they keep popping up throughout the day to just get me back focussed.

10. Visualise what it would feel like to achieve your goal. Spend a few minutes everyday just closing your eyes and play out the scene of you achieving your goal. It could be different things, like going to the cashpoint and seeing a figure on the screen. It could be visualising opening your emails and there being unread emails in there with the subject line “enquiry”. It may be visualising lying on a beach on holiday or sightseeing around New York if that is part of your dream. Do this throughout the day, picking different situations that you can see playing out in front of you to do with your goal. When you are brushing your teeth, doing the washing up, putting your make up on (probably keep your eyes open for that one!).

11. Journal! Write down your goal and start to journal the process that you are taking to get there. Journalling is great for all sorts of reasons and I have to be honest here and say that I am relatively new to it all. I am not very consistent and I know that I want to be because when I do do it consistently, I always feel so much more aligned to my goals and this helps me achieve. Journalling is basically sitting down each day and writing. You can literally write about anything you want, but the ultimate is when you write about what you want to achieve because thoughts become things and when you write these thoughts down, you are cementing them in time and this helps to make them happen.

So there you have it, 11 ways you can truly Immerse yourself in your goals. Now, you probably won’t do all of them at the same time – I swap and change depending upon what I feel like I need – but now you have a little toolkit you can come back to when you need to get some focus.

I would love to hear what you do to get centred on your goals, and if you have any suggestions let me know and I will add them to the list! This is all so very personal and each of us will react differently to these tools but the great thing is that you are willing to give them a try and see what works best for you. And how do I know you are willing? Because you are still reading this and you didn’t give up at point 3.

Go get goal immersed!

Emma Etheridge


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