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Before we get into the blog post I want you to go over to your website and take a look at how brides can get in touch with you. Is it really easy for them to do, or do they have to search around a little or faff around copying your email blah blah blah.

We need to make the process as easy as possible.

As shoppers now we are impatient. As buyers, we get frustrated if a website doesn’t load up straight away, if a page takes ages to scroll, if we have to search around looking for a contact form.  As a society now we have the lowest attention span ever, and probably the most impatient ever!  Your bride is no different – in fact she is probably worse because she is on a mission to sort “that thing” she is looking to sort so is in tart mode more than normal (you ca read more about that here >>>)

I have three main tips for you today

Tip #1 – Use an actual contact form

Tip #2 – Don’t ask for too much information

Tip #3 – Help stop lost spam emails!

Tip #1 – Use an actual contact form not an email contact only

It is really easy to set up a contact form on your website so make sure you have one not just an “email us here” with a hyperlink through to your email. Why is this important? Well most brides will be looking at your site from their mobile and most people (me included) do not have their email address linked from their phone in a way that means that when they click on your email it opens up their inbox – it normally tried to open a new window in their internet and goes all a little pete tong (technical term).

So you want to make sure you are making this easy and having a simple contact form on your website, similar to this:


If you are using wordpress there are lots of plugins that you can do this with and many themes will have contact form capability. I use Divi for my website and for my clients and there is a really simple Divi Contact Form Module that you can use. Another plugin is Ninja Forms – this one is pretty good for using contact forms in your footer and sidebar (bonus tip!). There are a ton of options so take a look and see what works best for you.

Having a simple contact form works because your bride doesn’t have to try to copy and paste your email, it is just easy for them. Also, if they have been reading about a product or service that they love, if there is a contact form underneath they are likely to send you a message if they are interested. This is evoking some kind of action. It is helping you move your bride down the buying path.


Tip #2 Keep the contact form simple

Let’s stop for a second and think about the aim of the contact form. Yes, it is to get some information from the interested bride but it is also step 1 in the enquiry process. You do not want to put them off by asking too many things. You want to start the conversation, open the narrative and start to build that connection so make the contact form simple!

I cannot tell you how many contact forms I have landed on for wedding suppliers that ask for soooo much information it is just overwhelming.  Again, think your bride is probably in the moment of planning, she may be on her lunch break, on the train, on the bus so she may not have time to give you her life story. How many times have you shyed away from doing something because you are like, I will do that when I get some more time. Then your forget.

We want to get the basic details from your bride so you can then ask more questions.

So keep the contact form simple.

Essentially the core information you need is



That is it.

You may want to ask for what service they are interested in and you may want to ask the wedding date. I say may because what if they don’t know yet. I know you need to know to see if you are available but you can do that will your email to them.

There is a fine balance to strike here between spending too much or too little time replying to enquiries through your website. The best way to deal with this is to have a templated email you send that you can just quickly bespoke for each enquiry you have. That is a topic for another blog post but my point here is that you want to open the conversation with the brides that have enquired with you. You have worked really really hard to get them over to your website and to get them to send you a message so make it easy!

There is another really good reason why you want to open the conversation with them in the email that you send back from the enquiry – because if they reply to you then you will be moved from their spam inbox into their trusted main inbox because the email provider will see you as someone they want to hear from. Now, just to say this may be not the case with ALL email providers, but it is with many.


Tip #3 – Tell your bride what happens next 

Doing a contact forms allows you to tell them what happens next and helps you deal with the spam issue

With most website contact forms there will be an option when you set it up to leave a personal message so you can change whatever it says.

So, instead of saying “Form sent” you could change it to something like “Hey you, I will be in touch *make sure you check your spam though because my reply may be in there!*”  This lets your bride know that she needs to check the spam folder if she hasn’t heard from you!

It is super annoying as a supplier when you have replied to an enquiry and then you don’t hear anything – it can often be because the email is sitting in the spam folder – by just letting your brides know this may happen, they will keep an eye out for it.

Another option for you:

Some contact forms allow you to send them to a page on your website – so once they have filled out the contact form you could send them to a thank you page on your website which has a hello from you, tells them to check their spam and also you could include some useful blog posts to get them knowing more about you.

Here is mine:

Bonus Tip – Personality!

Add some personality to your contact form! (if it feels right for your brand)

A contact form is a great way to add a little personality into your brand so don’t feel like you have to stick to the normal fields – most contact forms will allow you to amend what the fields show up as on the contact so you could have something that sits in with your brand.

You will see in my thank you page, I have added a little extra giggle of personality which I know the right kinds of clients will find funny, and this all helps me to attract them into me.

Final Bonus Tip – Check the contact form actually works!

This sounds like a very very obvious one but make sure you have tested that the contact form actually comes through to your email. In the past I have seen people enter their email address quickly in the setup of the form and then wondered why they were not getting any enquiries through the website…! It is easily done.



Go and have a look at how easy it is for your brides to contact you


Streamline your contact form down if it asks for too much information – save that for the conversation with the bride (ie where you build the connection)


Make sure you advise brides to check their spam whether it is through the message after they have sent the form (which you can normally change in the settings of the contact form) or on the webpage you send them to which is a bespoke thank you page (again, something you can do often do in the settings on many contact forms)


Add some personality into the contact form, if it feels right for your brand


Check the form works!

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, pop them in the post below!






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