Allow yourself to BE where you ARE

We are always looking at what we want to do, what we haven’t got around to doing, what is wrong, what we want to change, what we need to do.

Why not, just for this week, instead, we focus on what we HAVE. I say we here because I will do it too.

Allow yourself to BE where you are.

Acknowledge that you weren’t always here and what you have done in the past has gotten you here. This means that in a months’ time, in six months’ time, in one year’s time, you will also be in a different place.

“Yes. I am happy here. I am proud to be here. I know I am here because of the work I have done and even though there is more to do, I know I am going in the right direction.”

As I sit here this Sunday evening soaking in the last bit of the sunshine, listening to the birds singing and the smell of BBQs in the air, I feel content. I feel happy. I feel blessed to be here, writing to you, in this moment right now.

Do I have things on the to-do list that haven’t been done? Yes.

Do I have things that I need to get sorted? Yes.

But I think we will always have those things. I know I always will because, even though I am organised and planned about what I do, sometimes things can go off track a little. Not a lot, just a little. And this little can make you feel guilty (a little bit like my note to you last Sunday).

The inspiration for this message really comes from the fact that really soon I will be having a baby and, being totally honest, I had hoped to have had more things laid out and done. I was hoping to have had six months of blog posts written, I was hoping to have had a good chunk of my social media sorted, I was hoping to have had a few things set up in my business before I went off to have a baby. I was hoping to have launched my new brand and website (which is still in development). But I didn’t quite get around to doing all the (nonurgent) things and after a mild meltdown earlier in the week, my husband reminded me that it was all OK. That I had everything done that I needed to do and that everything was going to be OK. Because it will be. I know that. I trust that. I love working in my business and that is not going to change, I will just need to do it around a baby but that is the whole reason why I started my business in the first place.

So, I am happy where I am. I am proud with what I have got ticked off the to-do list. I am where I am and nothing can change that. Stressing will certainly not help.

So, allow yourself to be where you are and know that someone will always be looking up at you thinking you have your shiz together as you are looking up at someone else doing the same.

Be happy with what you have achieved.

Be grateful for where you are.

Acknowledge all you have done.

Give yourself a big fat slap on the back!

You got this.


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