Asking for Help

I remember when I was young, it felt like a weakness to ask for help. Anyone else remember feeling like this?

I remember the first real job I had. I would be petrified to ask a question about something or ask for help. I don’t really remember why, I suppose it was because I thought that asking for help would make me look like I couldn’t do the job, like I was weak. And I wasn’t.

As we get older, I think we ask more questions and are not embarrassed about doing that. We want to understand why something needs to happen that way, or why we are doing it at all. I suppose that is because as you get older you get more conscious of the time slipping by (hello closer to 40 than 30) realising that you never get it back again, so we want to make sure the time we spend doing something is actually for a reason, for a purpose.

But I still think that we don’t ask for help enough.

This has really been highlighted to me over the past few months with being pregnant – I still find that I am doing just as much as I was before because I don’t want to appear weak or use pregnancy as an excuse why I shouldn’t do things.

I KNOW that we don’t ask for help enough in our businesses. I think this is partly due to money sometimes but mainly I think it is because we want to feel like we have it all covered, we can do it all and that makes us better business owners. But you know what, it often times doesn’t – it makes us knackered because we are spending too much time working on things that are not what we are good at.

If you are a cake maker, a photographer, a stylist, a stationer, a designer, a florist, a planner, a [insert your wonderful wedding skill here] that is what you are good at so don’t keep kicking yourself when you get stuck with the marketing side of your business. You are not meant to be good at that. Yes, it is your responsibility to take control of it & take action on it but there is an easier way, I promise. It doesn’t have to be so hard, so exhausting, so frustrating, so overwhelming.

It is OK to ask for help.

Know that asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness. It is a sign of courage, of taking control, of being a REAL business owner. Asking for help needs to be part of your business building journey because it makes it easier, it makes it more fun, it makes sure you enjoy the bits of business that you enjoy!

I know that if I needed a cake made I would go to an expert rather than “have a go” myself so don’t feel bad if you have to reach out for help if the thing you want to do is not the thing that you DO do.

Lots of love

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