Attracting your Soul Bride

24 OCTOBER 2017 // BIZ SH*T

Your soul bride is your perfect bride. The bride that you would want to work with each and every day in your business. The bride that loves the kinds of weddings you want to be part of. The kind of bride that matches your personality, both your business personality and yours (they should be heavily interlinked anyway). To attract these brides into your business you need to

#1 Write words and post image that they will be attracted by

#2 Put those words and images in places they will look

Sounds simple right?

That’s because it is when you think about it. But let’s get practical. The words and images you use need to draw your bride into you, you need to talk about things that they care about, things that worry them, things that they want to have for their wedding. Let’s say you are trying to draw in a modern bride, you will want to post about current trends, you will want to fill your social media feed and your website with images and colours that are in line with the look and feel that they want for their wedding because they will be drawn in my this.

This is why it is so important to understand your soul-bride

The long and short of good content for your wedding business (and this is what attracts bride to you), post the kinds of things that your soul-bride would be attracted to.  If you want some training on identifying your soul-bride, grab y free 6-part training series that will help >> 

Let’s look at some examples

Let’s say you want to attract a bold, fun, quirky bride into your business, then you need to fill your social media and your website with bright bold images that will draw them in, that will make them stop and look. You will want to write about things like “How to infuse your personality into your wedding” and you want them to see that you have the same kind of style.

Let’s say you are a photographer and you want to fill your order book with couples who want natural story telling photography rather than more traditional wedding photography, then make sure your website and your social media is filled with storytelling style shots and not traditional shots.

Let’s say you are building your portfolio and you have done a couple of weddings. Some your perfect setting, your perfect look and feel, your perfect type of dream future work wedding. Some not so great. Let’s say you are aiming for a bride who likes the finer things in life and you have been involved in a wedding at a gorgeous venue. That is what you want to feature on your website, on your social media, in your content, in your portfolio. But let’s say you have also been involved at a wedding in a more budget hotel which has a different look and feel that doesn’t match your dream weddings. Don’t feature this because it will dilute your brand. Only share things that say the right thing about what you want to be known for.

It is better to have one less perfect wedding featured than lots of different types of wedding because this will dilute the impact of attracting your soul-bride and that is what we are doing here.

Filter time

Before you post anything on social media, on your website, on your blog, in your newsletter ask yourself these simple questions

Is this representing the quality of my business?

Is this giving the right look and feel to what I am all about?

Is this stopping people from buying from me?

Do I feel happy and confident with this content/image?

If you find yourself answering these on the negative all the time then think about what you need to do to change this in the future because until you do, you will struggle to build that dream portfolio of soul brides.

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