Be your own kind of wonderful

(and sod everyone else)

Brides buy from people they connect with, people who “get” them and what they want, people who they trust will give them what they want. YOU do the same. You are more likely to buy something from someone who you connect with. Your brides are no different.

Ok, so yes, they DO need to be attracted to you (your brand), they do need to see that you offer something they want (your products and services) and they do need to know they can trust you to deliver (your love notes from past brides) BUT the more of YOU you can infuse into the whole journey, the more of your own unique power that is your own kind of wonderful, this makes you (and therefore what you offer) even more irresistible.

Being your own kind of wonderful, and letting that come through rather than following what “so and so down the road is doing”. We can fall into the comparison trap waaaaaaay to easily and it does not help us in ANY WAY.

Every single business owner is at a different point of their journey in this crazy business building joyride & you need to know where you are right now & how you can infuse more of YOU into what you do. This doesn’t necessarily mean posting MORE on Facebook or Instagram, it means posting content from a place of real heart- this is what will connect your brides to you and make you irresistible.

Think of what bigger investments you have made recently (I am not talking 2 for 1 on your cleaning products!). What made YOU make those decisions? What made YOU buy? When you look beyond the “They had what I wanted” I bet it was the feeling you got (perhaps from the professionalism of their website. Brand or how they replied to your emails), the trust you developed (because you saw them, what they did and had clarity over how they could help), the experience that they took you on (making you feel happy inside).

There are lots of wedding businesses out there who offer the same as what you do. BUT only you offer what you do in the way that you do it so you HAVE to let that show if you are going to stand out from the crowd.

But how?

  • Think about what you do currently each day, each week in your business. Posting on social media, sending newsletters, replying to enquiries, dealing with brides.
  • Now think about ONE thing you could do to make it even better. One extra thought that would just up level it a little.

This is how you start to alter the impact that your work has on the brides you want to bring into your business.

We are constantly evolving. Constantly developing what we are doing.

That is all part of the journey.

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