6 Reasons Why Blogging will Book You Brides

18 APRIL 2017 // CONTENT

When I start working with my wonderful wedding biz clients one of the first questions I ask is “Do you blog regularly?” (Well actually I take a sneaky look at their website before the call of course but I like to ask the question to see what the reaction is). This is often answered with three responses

01. Ummm no…what is a blog?

02. Yes and I blumin love it!

03. I kinda do but don’t think I am doing it right.

Whichever answer you are, it is OK, you have taken the first step to reading this blog to find out why it is so great for your wedding biz so you have taken the first step – whoop! I know that the word blogging can make you shudder…it feels so grand! But blogging is basically writing. Writing an article, a newsletters, a journal entry, a post – it is just writing.

Blogging can be transformationational to your business.


Brides read blogs. Blogs are simply wonderful at driving traffic (your brides) to your website.  There are lots of elements of blogging that need to be considered like What to post, where to post, how to make the  most of the post, but once you have that sussed, it is really super duper easy – trust me. You just need to get into the blogging flow.

There are so many brides reading blogs, it is a shame to miss out on this chance! Using apps such as Bloglovin, Google Plus, Pinterest and all sorts of others, you can get great exposure from blogs if they are done right.

Six Reasons why blogging is worth your while if you are a wedding business:

01. Blogging gives you a reason to post on social media. One of the biggest grumbles I hear from people when I say “You need to post on social media consistently” is “OK, Emma, that is fine BUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO POST?”. From ONE blog post you could have a week’s worth of social media posts. Seriously.

02. Blogging drives traffic to your website (Pst traffic = your brides). One of the trickiest things to growing your wedding biz can be to move brides from your social media to your website (where they can then have a mooch around and see what you have to offer) but blogs are a great way of directing traffic to your website. They close that gap. They provide the step. Once your bride has landed on your website you have a better chance of converting them to a bride (because you can capture their email by offering a freebie or if that fails you can use a Facebook pixel to re-target them – those are topics for another day!).

03. Blogging demonstrates your expertise. It can feel a little (OK very) icky shouting all the time saying “I know what I am doing! OVER HERE! HELLLOOOOOO BRIDES! I am FAB at what I do! You NEED to have me at your wedding!!”. We find it very difficult to blow our own trumpets, especially as women, we can easily slide behind praise and blush slightly. But you know what, you have SO much knowledge and expertise about what you do. If you have been in the industry for a long time then you have all that expertise and you know your stuff! If you have just started out then you have the passion and the desire that you can share in a big way. Blogging helps you demonstrate your expertise because when you write you will talk about things that you know and this will in turn showcase your expertise without being really obvious. And brides will connect with you more with this expertise.

04. Blogging builds trust. We are all suspicious as purchasers but Brides can be super suspicious because of horror stories that happen in the wedding industry, companies going bump, letting brides down, not delivering or just being scammed. They are not just buying something for a party – they are buying a piece of the perfect – most amazing day of their life puzzle so they are understandably a little more cautious. If you blog regularly then you will be seen as “proper” and brides will have an easier time trusting you because they will see that you are active and you get the industry. This will help you convert more brides to booked brides.

05. Blogging helps you get found easier. This is for a number of reasons but the main one is that Google loves websites that have new content added to them regularly. Because then they know you are an active website and therefore they will prioritise you in the search engines. That’s gotta be worth it alone right! ALSO the more interesting blogs you have on your site the longer your brides will stay on your site and Google likes that to because it means you can be trusted because you are clearly delivering what you say you are going to. If you cross link your blogs then they are going to stay around for even longer.

06. Blogging moves your brides closer to your products or services. If you are clever with your blogging you can link your blogs through to products or services you offer in a genuine way and this means that your brides will find what you have to offer easier and therefore are more likely to read more about what you have to offer and become a booked bride.

I could go on with the reasons why blogging is brilliant for your wedding business but I will stop there.

To finish up this blog post here are a few other hints and tips to good blogging. If you would like more, keep an eye out on my You Tube Channel because I am going to be starting a blogging mini series over there to help you get started. CLICK HERE 

The key to good blogging?

  • Writing content that your brides want to read, that demonstrates your expertise, that feds to your website, that draws brides closer to you.
  • You need to use good imagery, good headlines and they need to be written well.
  • They also need to be promoted well – there is no point writing a blog, popping it on your website and hoping that brides will find it…you need to promote it!



So if you are regularly blogging them see how you can improve what you are doing OR how you can make the most out of what you are doing. If you are not currently blogging then seriously consider whether it could be good for you (pst – the answer is it will be!) and start to take steps to build it into your future plans.


Download my blog workflow here as an extra resource https://weddingbizbootcamp.simplero.com/page/72096-blogworkflow


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