How to break the email spam filter

It is super frustrating when you have spent ages crafting that email and then you hear nothing back from your bride. You assume it is because it is not what they wanted, but, what if instead it was because your email had landed in their spam folder? Here is a super quick trick to help you break the spam filter.

Why do emails end up in spam?

Everyone’s spam filter will be different, mine can be super sensitive sometimes (annoyingly), but normally emails end up in spam because they have an attachment, have an image in the email or have a word that is considered inappropriate (by who I am not sure!). It may also be if you are sending an email from an @gmail account rather than a business account it could end up in spam.

But if you are getting lots of your emails ending up in spam then you could be missing out on bookings and that is not good.

Here is a simple way to break the spam filter.

Let’s say you have emailed a bride a quote – there is likely to be an attachment. This could have stopped the email landing in their primary inbox. So all you need to do is, one or two days after you have sent the email send a plain text email (with no images or attachments) saying something like

“Hi [bride]

I just wanted to check that you received the quote safely yesterday?


It would be great if you could just hit reply and let me know.

[sign off]”

OK, so you may want to add some YOU-ness into it but essentially you want to keep the email super short and clear – you want them to say “Oh yes, thank you…”

This works in three ways

  1. It tells their email provider that you are someone that they want to hear from because they have responded to an email – this will prevent your future emails going into spam

  2. It opens the conversation – they may ask you some questions

  3. If the email has landed in spam then they (and you) will know

Do you send a freebie? You could do this again.

You could also do this as an automated email after you have sent your bride your freebie*. Set up an automated email in your email provider (MailChimp is what I recommend). Saying something similar to the above and just checking that they have received it safely. Again, this helps to open the conversation and break the spam filter!

So, add this into your workflow and see what difference it makes for you.

*If you don’t know what a freebie is, it is something that you offer your brides in exchange for their email address. It could be a free checklist, a wedding planning tool – just something that they would find useful. It’s free and you deliver it through setting up automation inside of MailChimp (a free system you use to collect the deets) and this is how you build your mailing list (and your bride bookings!).

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