Drive Sales in your wedding business with a Christmas Voucher

29 NOVEMBER 2017 // BIZ SH*T


Let’s imagine your perfect bride is sitting there, on the verge of buying or booking from you and they really want to, but they just can’t find that last bit of money right now. Remember, Christmas can be an expensive time of the year (in case you missed that!!). Let’s imagine people keep saying “What do you want for Christmas?”. Imagine if they said “I really want that [insert your wedding awesome] from [insert your beautiful business]!!! That is all I want!!! You know, they do offer gift vouchers, special Christmas ones….I would love one of those!”.

It would take you no time at all to bash one together on (check out the how to here) and print it out [on some nice card stock or photo paper]. You could email your list and tell them that you are doing vouchers for this month only! You can promote the pants off it on social media [giving you something to actually post about on your social media channels]. You could do an Instagram Story on it [If you want to know how to do Instagram Stories, I talk about that in the Instagram bundle inside of The Wedding Biz Club so you could learn today click here]. You could do a FB Live on it [See blog post about how here!].

Let’s imagine another situation…

A Groom is sitting there wondering what the heck he can buy his bride this year for Christmas that is going to mean something to here (rather than yet another random purchase that is made after walking round the shops for hours on end…). He has heard her yabbering on about this [insert your wedding awesome here] for days, weeks, month. He discovered that said supplier does Christmas Vouchers…awooooga! Present sorted!

~ Your Action ~

Brainstorm some ideas of how you can drive some sales through December with the introduction of a Christmas Voucher.


Hello Canva:

Hello Instagram Stories – Learn how to do them + lots of other wonderful things inside The Wedding Biz Club! }

Hello FB Live:

Emma x


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