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18 OCTOBER 2017 // BIZ SH*T

Let’s get real for a moment. The wedding industry is a busy one. There are lots of suppliers out there and there will be lots of suppliers offering the same kinds of services and products as you. On the flip side to this, there are also lots and lots and lots of lovely couples out there, and you only want a small piece of the pie!

But the danger of being in a busy industry is not about competition as such, it is about comparison.

The more you look, the more people you find to compare yourself to. The more comparing you do the worse you feel about your business. Because you are looking at the other business through rose tinted glasses. Through the shiny veneer of their website and their social media. You do not see the struggles they have (which are likely to be the same as all of us), the people they are comparing themselves to (which could very well be you you know).

You will always, always, always have things you want to change in your business. Your website will never be perfect, you will always want to change things. You will always look at what you are doing and think “OH, I wonder if I changed that bit…” and this is a good thing. As overwhelming as it can feel sometimes, wanting to improve and develop things in your business means you are still passionate about what you do and you still have the drive. This is why this is good.


But, it can be overwhelming so I have two simple tasks for you this week.


Start a niggle list. Get a notebook, or use an online tool (however you work best) and every time you see something you want to change or improve, write it in the list. Then, each week choose one thing off that list and you will start to make those changes you want to see.


When you feel you are getting into the “comparison” trap, I want you to say

“Wow, that looks ace – good for them! If they can do it, then so can I! And I will do it even better!!”.


Throughout your business journey you will always look up to someone and there will always be someone looking up at you. This is the process of business evolution. The way you manage it is to say

“If they can do it then do so can I”

Because you totally can.

And you totally will if you remember this.


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