Crafting your social media so it works for you

Like most things in life, you have to craft something for it to be beautiful & your social media is the same. You need to spend time designing it so that it works and delivers for you and your business. This means that you really start to talk to the brides and grooms that you really want to be working with, that you want to build your wedding business around. Craft the strategy, design the process and you will have success. Just like everything in your biz, you do need to put some time and focus into it, but when you do this, they will work.

Here are three things that will stand you well with your social media success


You cannot be everywhere. There are soo many social media channels now that you cannot possibly do all of them and do them well. Social media is not your job, it is a tool for you to book brides so you can do your job. 

So choose one or two social media channels and do them well by posting good content and being consistent). If you are unsure where to focus then grab The Social Media Guide here as it has a handy dandy visibility tool picker to help you decide >>>


Content is basically the words you write and the images you use. We are exposed to content consistently in our world and we have busy minds and low attention span so it is super duper important that the words and the images you use on your social media are speaking to the brides you want to work with & telling the story you want them to tell.

Your content has to attract their eye and also has to be something they will be interested in. You are better posting less frequently and posting good quality content rather than blasting stuff out every 5 minutes that is just noise. We are after connection and your content needs to have purpose.

When you start to post content your brides care about they will engage with you so make sure you respond and engage back – that is kinda the whole point of this stuff.

Creating strong content is really key in your business and if it is something that you haven’t spent time looking at, now is a good time. It is a crucial step in the business building journey.



Consistency is key in everything you do in your business and there are some really good reasons for this.


You never know when your bride is going to come across you so the more consistent you are (in other words, the more often you post on a regular basis) the more likely she is to find you.


Consistency builds trust. Let’s say your bride has been following you for a while and then you suddenly go quiet…she will not think “Oh, she must be busy” she will more likely think that you are not around anymore, or, even sadder, she will just forget about you {sad face}.


Consistency builds traction and by this I mean the more often you do something, the easier it becomes, the more you enjoy it & the more engagement you get because brides start to notice you.


Consistency builds your brand and you need a strong brand to stand out in this busy industry. The wedding businesses that thrive are the ones that have a clear message, a strong brand and a consistent presence…social media can help you build all of these things.

I could ramble on about this for ages, but hopefully, you are starting to see that consistency, showing up regularly in your business, is king when it comes to growing any business but especially one that is in a busy marketplace.

If you feel you need more help, why not sign up for the free 6 part training series which walks you through some of the basics or getting your message right >>>

This is taken from the Social Media Guide – for the full guide and a 31-day posting schedule download it here for free >>>

See your social media as telling a story about you, your brand, your products, and your brides will engage with you *and book*!


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