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8 – 12 JANUARY 2018




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Hands up…who feels that this year is the year that they are ready to step up, stop faffing and start being really intentional about what they are doing in their business.

This was me last year. And, of course, me again this year.

As business owners, we all want to feel like we are in control of where we are heading, what we are doing whilst keeping in touch with the creativity that keeps our work fresh and alive. Do you agree? At the start of 2017 I set out on a mission to create a plan for myself that would grow both my business and me as a business owner and going into 2018, I want to share what I did with you so you can create your very own plan for 2018. A plan that you will actually follow and that will work for you, right where you are a business now.


8 -12 JANUARY 2018


 Over 5 days we will work together, online, in a group mastermind to lay out your plans for 2018.

By the end of the 5 days you will have:

💓A list of what projects/products you want to develop/launch over 2018

💓A month by month plan that will keep you accountable

💓A content calendar that will keep you visible to your couples

💓A new working schedule that will make you super-efficient

💓A clear view of the year in a simple two-page action plan

💓A new found focus and determination that will keep you focussed


Each day I will come into the private closed Facebook Group live @1pm and teach one lesson and give you some actions to take that will mean, in just 5 days, you will have your entire 2018 laid out in a way that works for you, in a way that works for your business and the way you work within your business.

There will (of course) be a super handy and beautiful workbook.

The group will stay open for the year so if you cannot attend live you can watch the replay and take action – and come back and refresh 6 months later if you need to!


At the end of the mastermind you will also get a really valuable tool that I use in my business to plan out projects and make them happen. This is a simple offline tool that you have total control of, but one that has been invaluable to me (and one that I have never shared before).

I will also give you two extra tutorials, one on Trello and one on Asana. These are two tools that I use in my business and you may want to consider them aswell.

Making time for what matters to you in your world.


This is NOT about setting out each and everyday for the next 12 months, we cannot work like that. That does not fuel creativity or forgive the mishaps of life!

What this IS about is giving yourself a focus, a map. We are curating your 2018, designing it. We are drawing together things that make sense, that work together, that create a cohesion between what you are doing to grow and nurture your business, and your future.

There is no one right way for everyone but there are steps that you can take which mean you find your own perfect, with my hand holding you for guidance.

This is going to be super practical and hands-on, for the 5 days I will be with you, as a group, helping you plan for a fantastic 2018.

This is for you if you feel that you need to start the year with extra focus. With a plan that will actually work. A plan that is realistic and achievable but that pushes you where you need it to. A plan that will help you cultivate the future you want.

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