Enjoy the Ride

When you start, build or grow a business you are most definitely going on a journey.  A journey like no other that you have been on. A journey that is unique to you, your dreams, your goals, your life, your desires.

Everyone’s journey will be different because that is what makes businesses different. Different personalities, different outlooks, different views, thoughts and ideas. That is what makes business exciting and inspiring! It is your difference that makes your perfect for your perfect couples.

You know what the most important thing is in your business?

You have got to enjoy the ride.

However you landed into your business. Whether you are just starting out or in it full time. Working on your own or have a team. Perhaps you are thinking about starting a wedding business or trying to grow it in your spare time. You may even have been in business for years and looking at how you can get even better. Wherever you are, there is one thing that has to happen in order for you to stay connected to your business & that is enjoying the ride.

Yes, there will be bumps. There will be turns in the road you were not expecting. There will be hills that feels as if they are impossible to get up BUT you have got to do it all with a smile on your face and know that each bump, each turn, each hill is teaching you, developing you and will ultimately make you a better and stronger business owner (and woman).

So, ask yourself 

“Am I enjoying the ride?”

If the answer is no, then don’t just pack it all in – think about WHY you are not enjoying it. What can you change, introduce or stop doing to make it more fun?

If the answer is yes, then whoop! I am so pleased for you. Your next step is to think about what could make you enjoy it EVEN more because this will help you move to that next level.

There will always be a solution.

Let’s say you are not enjoying your business because you are lonely – you can reach out and find a community that is there to support you, that get you.

Let’s say you feel disorganised with no clear path to follow – find one to follow to reduce the overwhelm and get you moving.

You can do this. Totally.

Scroll to the bottom and get your motivation message for this week to use as your phone backdrop. Just right click, save as image and upload as your phone background. To remind you to Enjoy The Ride.

With lots of love

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