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Date: 19 Jan 2018

Context: In Jan 2018 Facebook announced some changes to the way they were promoting posts, in this training I share with you the initial thought, and what you can do.


There will always be a new fandagle thing when it comes to social media, well business generally really! We cannot control this. What we can control is the mindset about social media, understanding where it fits in with the cycle of a bride buying & the content we are posting.

In this training I share with you why Facebook have announced changes to the way your audience will see your posts and how this will impact you in your wedding business. I share the way brides buy and why this is different to many other audiences because this will help put this all into context.

Watch the training >>>

Actions to take today >>>

#1 Stop using external scheduling tools to schedule your Facebook content.

You can still pre-schedule your facebook posting ( I strongly recommend you do this from a strategic point of view ) but instead of doing it through an external resource, you use Facebook’s own scheduler. To do that you simply go to post a normal update and then instead of clicking “Publish” you click the little arrow next to that and click “Schedule”. You can also see your scheduled posts by going into “Publishing Tools” on the top menu bar when you are logged in.

#2 Go back to basics and get crystal clear on who you are trying to attract to your booking diary – what type of bride.

What do they want to know about and what will attract them? If you need help with figuring out your soul-bride (the kind of bride you want to build your biz around) then this free training will get it sussed for you >>> http://www.weddingbizcoach.com/moochtosmooch

#3 Start to look at your Facebook insights to see what kinds of posts do well and start to take control of it.

To do this, log into your Facebook page, you will see insights at the top, click that, go down to posts on the left-hand menu and you can start to look at your posts. You can also use this tool to see when your brides are online which should be when you are posting on your page. Make this a weekly or at least monthly habit because it will help you shape your social media to work.

#4 Start thinking about doing the scary thing

Facebook Live and video will continue to be prioritised. FB Lives get 6x more interaction than video so it is a worthwhile thing doing BUT I get that it is super scary! I am running a free challenge in February about Instagram Stories which will help you with FB Live aswell so sign up for that here >>> http://bit.ly/instastorieschallenge 

#5 Consciously think about how you can move brides from your social media into your business, your mailing list.

We need to get brides onto your mailing list as we cannot rely on social media – we know we cannot control social media but we can control our mailing list. If you don’t have a list, don’t panic but you do need to take action to get one. Consciously think about how you can start to move brides from your Facebook to your mailing list. If you need more help with this, we cover all of this and more over in The Wedding Biz Club so you can have this all sorted for a few quid a month! Whoop! Read more here >>> http://www.weddingbizcoach.com/weddingbizclub/

#6 Do a social media review.

Go and look through your Facebook page right now and see if it is good enough – are you actually posting good content or is it a bit naff? Be honest with yourself here. The crocks of it is that you need to be posting good quality content so that when your brides find you, they validate you with social media and they love what they see.

These Facebook changes are not the end of the world BUT they do need you to review what you are doing to see how you can make it better. It may be the kick up the bum you need! If all of this social media stuff freaks you out then this month inside The Wedding Biz Club we are talking all about strategic social media which could not have come at a better time! Join us here >>> http://www.weddingbizcoach.com/weddingbizclub/ 

Two free things for you:

If you need more help with things such as blogging, freebies, mailing lists then there are lots of resources inside The Wedding Biz Club to help. Here are just a few that fit in with this topic:

  • The strategic social media bundle
  • The newsletter bundle
  • The blogging bundle
  • The design your freebie bundle
  • The get your brides on your mailing list bundle

Join the fun here >>> http://www.weddingbizcoach.com/weddingbizclub/ 

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