AUGUST, 2016

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By now, unless you have been in hideout somewhere, you will have seen and heard a heck of a lot about Facebook Live but you may be sitting there thinking “Um, it is too late to ask questions now because I will feel silly!”. So I am going to answer those questions you feel silly asking in this blog post.

P.S. no question is ever a silly question…unless you are asking whether bees wear pants* or do cat’s have lips**

In this blog post I am going to walk you through what Facebook Live is, why it is great for your wedding business and I am also going to show you how you can use it with some practical video tutorials. 


It is simply live video streamed straight from your mobile phone. A real “right here right now” kinda thing.



Why does everyone (including me) love it so much? There are a couple of really cool reasons and I spent some time pondering the order these should go in but they are all equally cool so I have just listed them!

#1 Facebook LOVE FB Live – well of course they do, they invented it! But what I mean by that is that they give it priority on the newsfeed over other posts and this means that your organic reach jumps and that is a good thing.

#2 You don’t have to be all “set up”. Doing video in your wedding business can be super scary. I remember the first one I ever did, I was soooo nervous and looking back at it now, I am surprised ANYONE watched it…feeling brave, here is it (please don’t laugh!!!) https://youtu.be/5WPtc4_PJ3ohow flippin miserable do I look! This goes to show that with practice you get better! But the beauty of FB Live is that people kind of expect it to be a little imperfect because it is live, there is no stopping and starting you just have to go with it and if you fluff up, you carry on and it’s all fine. There are some things you still want to think about and I will share those in a moment.

#3 It is more natural. Because of exactly what I have just said above, this relaxed style means that you really do let your personality come across a lot more. You are more YOU and that is good – that is what connects with brides and grooms. If you fluff up you just have to carry on. Lots of my videos have had my cat jumping down off the shelf, I have dropped my phone, I have had it turned around the wrong way – you just have to giggle about it and move on. That is the beauty of FB Live.
#4 You can use the content elsewhere. You can embed a Facebook Live into your website or a newsletter so you can use the video in other places. I have a tutorial for you below showing you how to do this.
#5 The video goes automatically on your timeline and in your videos (unless you go in and delete it) so it has longevity which means that brides and grooms can see the video for longer than just the length of time it is in the newsfeed.


Well I have shared some tips with you in the video above but there are lots and lots of things you can use FB Live for. Here are just some ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

> If you are at a wedding fayre, do quick live to let brides know you are there and what you have on show. Perhaps pal up with another wedding biz owner and do a little interview or a quick top tip!

> If you are just starting to work on an order or a design or if you are setting up a wedding, do a FB live to talk through what you are doing (being super careful that you don’t give away any secrets about the wedding or the bride – this would probably not go down to well!).

> If you have had some goodies in the post to start an order, do a video to show what they are and what they will be used for

> Talk through any new products or services that you have

> Demonstrate and show products that you have

> Share some wedding top tips that will help your

> If you have a freebie, break it down and do some FB lives to talk through the advice

There really are no end to the opportunities with FB Live and I have a challenge for you…


I dare ya to do a FB live. Once you have broken the barrier, you will love them and do more.

To help you I have two thoughts for you:

#1  If you are unsure about what to do your first FB Live I want you to do a FB live just literally introducing yourself, who you are and what you do. Do a “Face behind the brand” kind of FB live so that people can see who is behind your biz. That is not to scary right? OK< it is a little scary BUT do it – go on – I dare ya!

#2 If you are super scared of doing your FB live on your business page, find a safe place to do it. We are focussing on FB Live this month in the Wedding Biz Club and you can do a FB Live into this private members only group so you can fluff up in a safe place! . Join here for £9.99.


*For the record, I think they do.

**My cat does!

Video – How to do a Facebook Live

Video – How to save a FB Live + add to your website (wordpress)

Video – FB Live on your biz page – where they are

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The Wedding Biz Coach

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