Do your old Facebook Photos paint the picture you want them to?


Let me ask you a question. If you went over to your Biz Facebook page now and looked through the photos tab, what would you think? Do they tell the story you want them to? Do they support the brand you are building and the brides you are trying to attract? Do they feel “right” for you in your biz now?

Let’s scroll down a little.

How bad do they get? Honestly.

First off, don’t these photos really show you how far you have come and how you have evolved as a business? I love it!

Let’s think of a bride for a moment. She has found you, through whichever channel and she is being nosey – trying to figure out whether you are the one for them. She heads straight over to Facebook and looks at your photos.

What does she think? Is she like “Oh yes, that is what I want!” or is she thinking “This is a random modge podge of everything!”.

I remember when I was getting married (back before Pinterest was a thing!). We had been to see our venue, had fallen in love and then went on a search when we got home for images on the internet, just so we could drool over the venue and imagine our big day happening there.

I bet you your brides do the same.

Whatever service you offer, I bet they go and look at your photos when they are in research mode.

So I have some actions for you.


Go to your Facebook Page now and take a look at your photos tab, seeing all your photos together do they tell the story you want them to? Let’s say, for example, your ideal bride is someone who is looking for a minimalist, elegant wedding and your photos are all bright, colourful and don’t fall within that look and feel. Your bride is likely to be less drawn to you. Make a note of what you feel when you see the photos together and see what you can improve on going forward.


Create albums! Did you know you can create albums in Facebook to help you organise your photos? Let’s say you have a ton which are wedding tips. Then let’s say you have some of venue styling, for example. Then let’s say you have ones which are promoting your blogs. You could put them into an album so that when your bride comes over to your page, she can have a good old mooch around and you can control the aesthetic a little better.

Watch the training here and let me know if you have any questions!

Be mindful

Let’s say you were involved in a wedding that doesn’t really fit in with the weddings you would like to build your portfolio around. Really consider whether you want any images of it in your profile and on your website. The reason I ask you to ask yourself this is that you are trying to build a brand that will appeal to your ideal bride, if there is a random “off brand” wedding in your portfolio (which is kinda what all your social media is) then it is likely to put your bride off.

So, do your photos tell the story you want them to on Facebook? We consider Instagam in this way, do why not Facebook. Your brides are hanging out there too.  If you want to read more about this thought process for Instagram, then you can here >>>

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

Here is mine at the time of writing this blog >>> 

I feel that these images tell my current story. They have the perfect blend of me and what I am about. I can look at these and see where I want to make improvements and what I can do to add more of me into them but I feel that they represent me at the moment. 















Here is mine way back when >>>

I feel like these show the start of my journey. They are not wrong or bad but they show me how far my brand has come and how much I have changed in my voice. 

Just one final word here. I do not want you to start getting stressed about “another” social media channel that you need to perfect “I didn’t think Facebook was about having perfectly curated images!”. It isn’t, but everything you put on social media is showcasing your work, the weddings you are involved in and this in itself means that it becomes your portfolio, your online magazine. It becomes a decision for your brides between book or not to book. So don’t get stressed but be mindful of what you are posting and make a conscious effort to know that what you post is building your brand, or damaging it. 






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