What are the first steps when starting a wedding business?

18 JULY 2017 // BIZ SH*T

People often ask me what they should do to grow their wedding business, or even to start it and I often give a different answer than they are expecting.

In a way, people expect me to say “Start a facebook page, Get a website up, Get your packages sorted” and yes, these are actions that do need to happen, but there is a step before all of the action that needs some consideration. But, this step comes will some warning though – don’t get stuck here!!

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself today.

01. What kind of work you want to do and why.

What do you really really love. You have to have this absolute love at the start otherwise, when things get a little tough, you will lose the passion.

02. What type of weddings do you want to work with? 

Styles/themes/look and feel – this will help you to create a brand that appeals to the brides that also want that type of wedding.

03. Who do you want to work with?

This is what I call your soul bride and it can take a little while to get to understand them however when you answer #2 above, this can help inform your soul bride. She will change too as you grow in your business, but you have to have a starting place.

04. What do you have to sell? 

Get clear on what you want to offer the brides and how much you are going to charge (remember those profits! This is a business, not a hobby!) so that you can then have something to actually sell. 

05. What content can you write?

Once you know what you have to sell, what content can you write that will link back to that? This is where you look at your blogs, your social media and how you are going to draw brides into your business.

Wherever you are on your business journey, coming back to these questions every few months will help you inform the journey you are taking.

My biggest piece of advice?

Keep it simple and logical – just think about what steps you go through when you are buying something for the first time. What is important to you, what attracts you. Your brides re exactly the same.

When starting, growing, evolving your wedding business I would really make sure that any decision you make on your business feels right. Like deep down in the belly. Yes, you will have those nervous butterflies when you are making these decisions but intuitively you will know whether it feels right. 

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