I only want one bride please! Just the one! Thank you!


I want you to stop looking and thinking about how you can fill your diary for next year, and the year after. Just stop. Instead, I want you to focus on getting just ONE booking. Just ONE enquiry. Just ONE bride on your mailing list. Just the ONE. Not loads, just ONE.

Why? Because then you will stop faffing and farting around and get on and do all you can to get that ONE bride to like your social media page, send an enquiry or book. It is less overwhelming, you will put yourself under less pressure. Because when you are under pressure you start pushing and you start being a little desperate (in the nicest possible way!). You start to panic and then, the mindset shift happens and you start getting into overwhelm town!  And that just leads to procrastination and you get paralysed.

Procrastination Paralysis – the worst of the business illnesses! 

There is another reason that focussing just on ONE bride has aswell. It means that you start to talk to that person, you start to do everything that you can to speak to them in your posts, in your newsletters, in your blogs – they become the centre of your focus. And you know what – when you start talking to that one person in everything you do, they start to listen. And you feel more connected. Which means you do better stuff. And if one person starts to listen, others will to and they will fall into your business like little surprised wrapped up in wonderful bride sized packages.

So, my challenge for you is to stop looking at the empty diary and getting in to panic mode about what you HAVEN’T got booked in and focus on getting just ONE booking, ONE more social media like, ONE more enquiry and I bet you you will become more focussed and you will get more return back on the effort you give.

BONUS TIP: Name the person. Name your ideal bride, the person you want to build you entire business around and then, before you do ANYTHING ask yourself “Would [insert your bride name] be interested in this? Would she love this?”. If the answer is yes then you are flying! If not, then rethink it.

Here’s to celebrating your ONE bride! Go grab the wine (mine is Rioja please)

Emma Etheridge The Wedding Biz Coach

Emma Etheridge The Wedding Biz Coach



Emma Etheridge

Emma is The Wedding Biz Coach. Working with wedding professionals all over the world to help them grow their wedding businesses. She teaches more than just the what and the why. She teaches the how. She teaches the invisible aspects of running a business, of being an entrepreneur. Her approachable nature and easy to learn style means that once scary strategies become non-scary. They become do-able, achievable. Nothing is impossible.


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