Focus on the reason why 


I have spoken to quite a few clients and business buddies over the past few weeks who are getting into the pre-end of year panic of “What should I be doing!”. Today I wanted to share a really quick tactic with you if you are feeling the same.

Focus on the reason WHY

Every action you take in your business should be for a purpose, I talk a lot about taking conscious actions in your business – things that will actually get you closer to where you are heading. But also, every action in your business should have a WHY. There should be a reason why you are doing it.

Let’s be honest, when you are elbow deep in the huge to do list of any project, you can lose sight of the reason why. And this is when we get stuck. This is when we procrastinate. I say we here because I am the same, but this trick always pulls me back to action.

Why am I doing this? What is the reason?

Honest moment coming up…

I have just launched The Wedding Biz Planner (which I am so super bloody thrilled about!) BUT, it took a lot of wading through mud to get there. This project has been on my vision board for a few years now, and this year was always the year that I was going to make it happen. But, full transparency here, did I wish I had launched it sooner? Yes. Do I wish it was less of a manic panic scramble to get it finalised? Yes. But you know what, it is done and that, is good enough for me. The reason I procrastinated over this for so long was because I fell into the trap that I advise clients not to, the trap that this planner is designed NOT to let happen! I got stuck in the mud of the to do list and lost sight of the reason WHY I was creating it. In all honesty, it is not going to be a big financial earner for me (these things cost a heck of a lot more to print that you would ever realise!) BUT it is part of the grand plan and THAT is the reason why. When I connect where the planner is going to sit inside my business then it is totally worth what I have put into it.

Focusing on the WHY helps you to draw yourself out of detail of the how. Yes, of course you need a logical list of things to do to get a project done, but when that list becomes overwhelming you need to focus on the reason why.

Here are some examples:

“I need to create my website”. That is a huge project and yes, one that could easily overwhelm. But when you focus on why, then that overwhelming project has purpose, it gives reason. WHY DO I NEED TO DO THIS? “I need to do this because I know that if I can make the changes I want to my website, my brides will be able to find me easier and I will be able to showcase what wonderful work I do which will get me more bookings.” That why right there should pull you forward through the tasks you need to do to get the project done.


“I need to start being more consistent with my social media!” WHY? “I know that if I am not out there then brides will not be able to find me and the more I can show up and been seen then the more likely brides are to find me and take action”


“I need to start sending newsletters” WHY? “Because I know that if I don’t brides will forget about me and I know that if I send them regular, useful newsletters that help them, they will think of me when they are ready to book my service.”


Now your why may go deeper than that and you can go as deep as you like but I want you to think of the practical reason WHY.


“Why will taking this action help me grow my business, what will it achieve?”


Find the answer to that question and you will be more focused and more intensely committed to getting the project DONE.


I hope this helps you. If you want more help with planning them I have two things at the moment that may be perfect for you

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