Starting, building and growing a wedding business can be tough, there is no way to sugar coat it. But, there are some fab resources that can get you moving without you spending £’s. And I have created some wonderful free resources for you below, to help you along the path of wedding business success. Take a look at the freebies below and sign up to the ones that feel right for you at this time in your wedding biz. I am always adding new freebies so make sure you pop back as you grow in your business and as an entrepreneur.

Pst – all of these free resources are written by me specifically for the wedding industry so they are bang on point for you in your business (if you are a wedding pro of course!). 

The Free 6 Day Training Series

Get the free training here

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7 free copy and paste scripts you can use when you are in a tricky situation (or when you have an encounter with a scary bridezilla…!)

Because shit happens sometimes and these scripts will just help get you out of a hole when you are feeling uninspired to think of something to say *and they will stop you from telling your bride to [insert whatever words feels right for you] off!*

Simply copy, paste and send. The scripts include what to do when a bride isn’t responding to emails // when a bride hasn’t paid the final invoice // if there is a mistake in the order // when a bride keeps changing her mind + lots of other tricky situations!

Social Media is always changing but there are some things that you can do that will stand you well when these changes hit.

In this free guide I share with you how you can use social media to grow your wedding business, and how your brides are actually using social media to book their wedding suppliers.

Included in a handy dandy 31 day posting schedule so you can get inspired with what to post!

Stop wasting time at wedding fairs – use this guide to help you book brides!

Fed up of attending wedding fairs and not getting anywhere? You speak to lots of brides but just don’t get the bookings when you get home! They were interested! Why haven’t they emailed you to book? There is a good reason and it is not what you think.

In this free guide I walk you through the steps you need to follow to get brides booking you from wedding fairs. I will also send you some extra goodies and a free action plan to put into place after your wedding fair. Grab it today.

Writing headlines that nab the attention of your brides is key for getting them to read your content.

But you are not a writer! Writing may be a little tricky for you but you need to embrace it to grow your business because writing blogs, social media posts and newsletters are crucial to the success of your biz.

In this download I talk you through how to write headlines and share my formula with you so you get cracking headlines each and everytime you write anything! From product descriptions to blog titles to newsletter subject lines. Grab it here.


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