From mooching to smooching – how to get your brides to book

8 AUGUST 2017 // BIZ SH*T

There are two real stages a bride goes through when she is looking for her wedding suppliers. Stage one is the mooching stage. This is where she is browsing from one website to another, from one wedding fair to another, from one wedding magazine to another. In this stage she is open to ideas and is just window shopping.

UNTIL. She moves to the smooching stage. This is when she falls in love. This is when she buys, she commits, she says “Yes! You are the one for me!”. She seals the deal with a smooch.

The difficult bit is moving your brides from mooching to smooching.

But it doesn’t need to be difficult, when you get some key things in place.

  1. You need to get specific with who your soul bride is.
  2. You need to have a clear message that resonates.
  3. You need to have offerings they want.
  4. You need to get out there so brides can see you.
  5. You need to have quality content that draws them in.
  6. You need to have fun because this passion shows and raises your magnetic vibe that brides just cannot resist.

Now I know it is easier for me to write these steps than it is to do them BUT it doesn’t have to be that hard, really truly it doesn’t. As business owners we just think it is.

You already have half of the formula in the bag, because you are here reading this article in this fabulous magazine. You are already committed to making your wedding business work. You are already taking action. You are willing to learn and make the changes you need to.

Let’s start with the #1 step

Today let me help you with one of the things I believe is the most important – getting specific on your soul bride. The bride you want to work with, the bride you want to build your beautiful business around. When you truly know her, you can talk to her in everything you do in your business. Every social media post you write, every blog you write, every newsletter you send, every new product or package you design.

When you know who you are selling to you can connect with them on a deeper level and this will move them from moochers to smoochers with far more ease. Because it really doesn’t need to be as hard as we think.

So, let’s get specific on your soul bride. Who she is.

So many people get stuck on this, especially when they are just starting out in their wedding business journey, so please do not feel bad if this is you. Being aware that it is a block for you is a good thing because once you have recognised it, you can take action to move past it.

One of the key reasons people get stuck on this is because they get too focussed on the wrong things. I don’t want you to say “My ideal bride is called Claire, she is 32 years old, is a solicitor and has a dog.” I want you to focus on what type of wedding she wants, what she wants to feel at her wedding, what is worrying her about her wedding, what style of wedding she wants. I want you to think about what is important to her and her partner for their wedding.

This is the stuff that really connects, and this is how you can build a wedding business around what you want to be doing. Knowing this kind of stuff about your soul bride really helps you to do the other steps listed above with ease because you are in total alignment.

The other stuff such as age, location, job etc is useful to know because it helps you with things such as Facebook targeting etc, but that can be done afterwards, first we want to get into the feelings of your soul bride because this will connect you with them on a much deeper level which means they will find you, love you and buy from you far easier than you think.

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