How do you “GET” your couples so you can deliver their vision?


For you to create the perfect wedding for your couples, whatever service or product you provide, you really need to “GET” them. To understand their vision.  What DOES their perfect wedding look like? What DO they want to feel? How canYOU help them? Getting to know your couples and see their vision can be really hard do but I wanted to share some top tips with you today.

1) Ask them what they imagine their perfect day to be.

You may find that each side of the couple has a different response…it can be interesting…but it really helps you get to grips with what they vision for their big day. You may be the first person to actually ask them! It may even be the first time they talk about it!

2) Ask the couple what is most important to them.

The response will give you a feel for their priorities, and therefore where you services/products fit into that. This helps you because it enables you to draw on the emotion, to make them feel that you totally “get” what they are trying to achieve…this will help them to commit to buy from you. It may be that having the most “talked about wedding of the century!” is their vision. Or it may just be that they “want to bring friends and family together for one big, fun party”.

3) Help them paint a picture.

Once you know what it important to your couple, you can start to paint a picture of how you products/services can help them achieve that vision. You will start to be seen as a “must have” for the wedding, not just a “nice to have!”. And if it works with one couple, it will work with others…

4) Follow up on that vision.

Make sure that you take notes of what you talk about when you speak with your couples. This is marketing gold for you – not just for this couple but for lots of other couples to. These notes could drive your social media posts, your newsletter articles, your blogs for months to come!

5) Check in.

As you work through the order, make sure that their vision is still the same and that things have not changed. Yes, this will only be relevant to *some* wedding services BUT it is important to check back in and make sure you are still on track…this will make you an invaluable wedding supplier to them. And what happens then? THEY REFER YOU! Yay!

Really getting to understand your couples also helps you to shape your business around them and helps you define your ideal bride even further. Want to know more about your ideal bride? Listen to the audio here >>>

Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Emma x


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