The make it happen project planning course

A course design to take your scary goal, break it down, make it actionable and get it done.

Get it done. Like a boss.

Fed up of swaying from month to month not knowing what you are doing? You have a goal but you just don’t know how to make it actually happen. You are not alone, so many business owners I know feel like this, and if I am being honest, I used to aswell. But then I got it sussed and I want to share this will you. This is your year. You know it, you know it is totally possible for you. Why not you?

Let’s get it done. I will show you how.


I’m Emma and I want to help you break down your goals into projects. And then break these projects into tasks. Then take these tasks and make them happen. Sounds simple right! But I know that it isn’t. I have been where you are now, feeling like there is no flow or plan around what you are doing and not achieving goals as quickly as you would like. There was one thing that wasn’t working for me, I had the passion, the commitment and the drive to succeed, but I didn’t have a logical way of breaking down my goals and projects which meant when I came to work on them they seemed oh so big and overwhelm kicked in. I worked and found a way, and that is what I am sharing here in this course. None of it is rocket science but it doesn’t have to be. Having a simple method to follow will stop you from getting stuck in the procrastination rut and will get you moving. I achieved every one of my business goals in 2016 using this method and this can be you next year.



This course is not a course that shows you how to do the marketing in your business, it is a course that breaks down your plans into real life actionable steps that will get your goals achieved once and for all (can I get a whoop whoop!). Let’s get those projects ticked off the to do list finally and with purpose! This will grow your business, your bank balance and lessen your own self annoyance (come on, you know what I mean!)

Let’s get you moving forward in a strategic, logical, REAL*, Practical and meaningful way. A way that is going to give you the structure and the path you need to totally boss it.

*Because we have to be real. There is no point in making these airy fairy dreamiest of dreams IF you do not take into account that life happens. Shit happens. Things get in the way. The only way goals get achieved is acknowledging that the journey is not all pretty planners and ticks on the to do list (although we LOVE both of these things! #stationeryporn). Plans can fail. Plan can fall off track. Plans can stay sitting in a pretty notebook somewhere and never get put into action. THAT is why businesses don’t grow and that may be why you are not growing as quickly as you would like.


This course shows you how to take your goal and make it happen. We take the goal and look at the projects that will achieve that goal. Then we will take the projects and break them down into small actionable tasks that will then be fed in to your diary so that they actually get done. This is what will build your business, taking action on the projects and goals you set yourself.

It is all good and well saying “I want to grow my business” but if you do not know what actions you are going to take to actually grow your business you never will. This course doesn’t give you the actions, it gives you the structure in which to make these actions happen as this is something I know people struggle with massively in business. 

We think that there is some magic recipe out there for ultimate business planning and productivity but, you know what, there isn’t. Because not one person is the same so you have to take what is out there and make it work for you. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt when it comes to growing my business is that the answer is inside of you. You gotta dig deep and go from the heart. Stop looking around for an answer. Only you have the right answer for you. Stop reading up on the latest must do and stick with one thing and keep doing it. When it comes to planning for your business, simplicity is best. 

BONUS: This course will be a really practical course that will show you how to break your goals down. It will not be teaching the how of the marketing however, as part of the programme you will get one VIP Group Coaching session with me when you will have the opportunity to ask me anything about your biz, your goals, your projects – well anything really! This is included in the cost of the course.

Do you wake up in the morning and know what you are going to do that day? What you are going to do to do the bride order you have? What you are going to do to move closer to your dream – what action you are going to take? Or do you roll out of bed, sit at your desk, or at your kitchen table and just go with the flow. Check emails, check Facebook, faff for a bit, then have a break and then repeat the procrastination all over again? Then feel annoyed, fed up, deflated, overwhelmed, frustrated and pissed off when you get to the end of the day, week, month, year and you are still not where you wanted to be.

You may look at other wedding biz owners and say things like “well it is ok for them they have xxxxx” or “look at so and so, aren’t they making a shit ton of money.”  But the thing is there are only there because they worked their butt off, they took action to make their dreams a reality and they no doubt had several “I can’t do this” moments (aka paddies!!!) and several 24hr stints! Because there is no magic pill – running your own business is hard, there is no way to sugarcoat it! But it is also amazing! And it doesn’t have to be as hard as you are making it right now.

This is practical planning stuff for biz and lifestyle that can be followed at any time, any time of the year, anytime you need a refocus. You get forever access to this strategy so you can jump back in and redo when you have a new project on. I encourage you to do that!

We have 12 whole months laid out in front of us, at any time of the year – you don’t have to wait until January – let’s make them count.

The course is instant access so you can start straight away. Start with the focus and intention that will grow your business. You will be sent some bonuses straight away when you sign up to get you started!



Get instant access to my beautiful printable planner written specifically for wedding businesses #stationeryporn


Module One // Be the Boss!

Get into the BOSS mindset

Monthly CEO dates

Making time for creativity

PEP TALK: Bashing fear out of the park

PEP TALK: Bye Bye Self Doubt fairy

Module Two // Let's Dream!

How to dream big

How to align with your goal

Setting the goal

Dreaming of your perfect week

PEP TALK: Intention and Purpose

Giving ideas time to breathe

Module Three // Let's Scheme (to achieve the Dream!)

What projects will get you to your goal – the brainstorm

How to qualify an idea and a project

Let’s define the projects

Let’s prioritise

Breaking the project down into actionable tasks

Module Four // Let's Plan!

Let’s get these projects into a realistic yearly plan

Get out your diary and set dates and actions

Copy my business plan!

An online resource that will save your sanity

PEP TALK: Danger of over planning

Module Five // Let's be realistic

Setting your perfect week

How to get back on track when the shit hits the fan

Making these actionable tasks part of your schedule

My 10 step get out of overwhelm process

Module Six // Post Project

What to do after a project has completed

Tweak and tests in your biz

Let’s get it done in 2017. I will show you how.



As part of the programme you also get my printable productivity toolkit and planner which is beautiful and written specifically for wedding businesses.


A toolbox of 2 minute action videos that will increase your productivity. Practical things that I do in my business that make a huge difference to my time.


An online group coaching call with me to help get you unstuck, focused and moving forward. An opportunity to ask me any questions about your wedding biz. This is a group coaching call which will be online and just for those on the course.


The most effective document I use to plan my day and be super efficient 

Get instant access now and start the year with the focus and intention that will grow your business. You will be sent some bonuses straight away when you sign up to get you started!



Get instant access to my beautiful printable planner written specifically for wedding businesses #stationeryporn

A sneak peak at the beautiful planner you have instant access to when you sign up. Just some of the goodness inside …

You need to stop trying lots of systems, lots of planners, lots of new things – you need to find one that works for you and run with it. I cannot tell you how much time (and money) I have wasted on getting the perfect system up and running in my business. I was a fickle business owner – I would see something new and try it, leaving behind the way I had been working without a second glance. Each time I would spend hours setting up new workflows, getting to know the system, and then never truly finishing the set up and getting frustrated with myself because I was wasting time. In 2016 I committed to myself that I would stay consistent with my approach to managing my business. I did it. This is the system I am teaching in this course. This is the system that I use every day in my business. It works. I have achieved every business goal I set for myself in 2016. And I don’t say this to boast – I say this because I have been where you are now. Frustrated and annoyed and kicking myself for not taking the action that I know I needed to because I didn’t have it planned in.

Let’s get it done. I will show you how.



Get instant access to my beautiful printable planner written specifically for wedding businesses #stationeryporn

The question you may feel silly asking..

What is an online programme and how do they work?

Online programmes are blumin wonderful! That is what they are! Being an entrepreneur can be IS lonely. Being your own boss is great, but it is lonely, especially if you are used to people (remember what they are?!). Online programmes give you work colleagues without leaving the comfort of your cozy office chair. They give you support, motivation and just lots of wonderfulness.

I have designed my online programmes to be here as constant support to wedding biz owners. I teach you through videos, workbooks, audios and how to tutorials which you access through an online membership site. You can get access to any of your courses 24/7, 365 days year from anywhere in the world.

Can’t sleep? You can log on in your PJs with a cuppa at 3am in the morning!

Going on holiday and want to have some focussed biz time? You can download content before you go onto your phone, laptop, tablet and sit on the beach and get stuck in!

Kids having a playdate? Turn the playzone into the workzone for you – put the headphones in and learn stuff to grow your wedding biz!

Online programmes are simply wonderful and all of mine come with work colleagues in the form of private closed Facebook Groups, filled with like-minded wedding professionals who “get it”.  If you want to give it a try sign up for my free Pinterest Online Programme to get a flavour of what it is all about >>> CLICK HERE

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