Are you where you want to be? I don’t mean to ask this so you go off into a crazed panic melt down but sometimes we forget to ask ourselves this question. Running a business is tough, it is, and it can suck you down into a path that is wildly unfamiliar. A path that is lonely. Running a business & having a life at the same time is super tough. But you have to remember, that you work to live, not the other way round. And if you are plodding along hoping that something magical will happen next week or the week after then you may be waiting a while. You are destined for big things, and you may think “How do you know that?”. Well the answer is simple, you would not be reading this webpage if you were not. You want to grow your wedding business. You want to be a success. You want to live your life. You want this to be your time. Because, yes running your own business IS hard but it is also one of the most amazing things you can do. Look at what you have achieved already. Just stop for a moment and honour where you are right at this moment. Wow.

The doors to the Ultimate Growth Programme are currently closed BUT don’t fear, if you need this in your world, drop me a message here and I will a) let you know as soon as you can join and b) we can have a chat to see if anything else would be right for you right now. With love, Emma x

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