Guilt is something we all feel.

Guilt that we haven’t done something we were “supposed” to

Guilt that we didn’t spend enough time planning something

Guilt that we didn’t call our friend back when we said we would

Guilt that our mind was somewhere else when you were trying to be present in another moment

Guilt that we didn’t tick off all the things on the to-do list

Guilt that something took longer than we thought

Guilt that we put off doing that act of self-care yet again

Guilt that we are eating toast for lunch for the third day in a row

Guilt that we didn’t look perfect, or try harder, or be there more

Guilt that the washing is still sitting in the washing machine


Guilt comes up in business. It comes up in life. It comes up inside of us.

I am no expert AT ALL in this topic and I know that guilt is a big old thing that some people need to unpick and resolve but in today’s world I think we feel guilty about ourselves more and more because the standard of what we “should” be like seems to be getting more and more, higher and higher.

The pressure we put on ourselves is higher and higher.

We need to give ourselves a break I reckon.

Every Sunday when I sit down to write these emails I look back on my week and use any inspiration from the week to come up with my topic. This week I have been feeling guilty because I have had to be selfish and I have had to focus on the things that are important to me right now and this meant that some things I wanted to do haven’t been done. Looking back on my week this made me feel guilty but only I am making myself feel like that. No one else. Only I am making myself feel bad that I didn’t, for example, send my Sunday Love Note out last week. Did you even notice? I would love you to say yes but in all realistic life, you probably didn’t!

Last Sunday’s email didn’t go out because I didn’t write it.

It was a beautiful bank holiday here in the UK, I needed to rest and recoup for a busy few weeks ahead and it was my birthday so I decided to take a digital detox and that meant not turning my laptop on for three whole days. A luxury I know! But a luxury that I could control. I built my business to compliment my life and when I realised this, the guilt stopped (a little).

The love note here really is to say stop giving yourself such a hard time.

Let yourself off.

Know that we all feel guilt and most of the time (OK, not all) it is only YOU making YORURSELF feel guilty.

So be kind to yourself.

Have a beautiful Sunday evening and if this email sparks you then open up your journal and write it out. Start next week with a fresh attitude. I know that is what I am going to do.

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