Ok, so there is no real secret potion that is going to make you super successful, (if you do find one though can you promise that you will let me know?!) But, after working in my business I can only talk about what has worked for me.

And this one thing has made a humungous difference to the way my business works out, and my life for that matter.

It is incorporating habits into my every day and tracking them.

Simple eh!

Perhaps not as simple as it sounds…especially at this time of year. When a new year comes we have this urge to say that we want to change EVERYTHING all at once. This does not work (read my blog post on this here and how I handle it). We fail not because we don’t have the desire but because we try and change too many things at one time (read more about that here).

We need to focus on introducing one or two new things at a time, otherwise the overwhelm strikes and well, we all know what happens then…

Successful people have good habits [Download a free habit tracker here >>>]. Habits that help them become the person they want to be, the business owner they want to be, the mother, the wife, the daughter, the care, the [whatever hat you are wearing today].  But it is not just about setting habits, it’s about tracking them and seeing when they are not working for you.

As an example. 

I have introduced many habits into my life really consciously over the last 12 months or so and they happen pretty much every day. I notice from tracking that it is the weekend that these habits don’t get done. I can choose what happens here, I can either change something about my weekends so that they do get done or I accept that my weekends are different and that’s OK. Only by tracking can we see where we need to make change, or when we need to celebrate that we have stuck to it!

What habits am I tracking at the moment?


  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Daily check-in with my body and mind
  • Take vitamins
  • Tidy one area of the house
  • Do clear to do list
  • Transfer savings daily (even if it just a £1)


  • Clean down emails
  • Clean down download

There are quite a few here BUT remember, I have been introducing these into my world over the past 12 months or so.



So, what habits do you want to introduce into your biz and your life?

If you are unsure, just try one thing and be as specific as you can.

For example “Drink more water” Try and set HOW many glasses you want to drink – make it measureable

The example I use above “Tidy one area of the house”. That works for me because it could mean an entire room or it could mean to tidy the clutter off the sides. My intention here is to maintain a tidy and organised home (if you don’t open the drawers!).

Get your free download habit tracker: DOWNLOAD HERE

Inside of The Wedding Biz Planner, there is a monthly habit tracker that you can use as part of your regular planning to help you to stay accountable.  This is just one part of the planning system – you can read more here >>>

For you to take intentional action in your business that will cultivate growth you need to spend time each month to set out what you are going to do, in line with your goals. Remind yourself what the 3 core priorities are for you that month, based on your big plan. Plot out what commitments you have in the monthly calendar. Keep a monthly master to do list which you can start to pre-fill in throughout the year. Brainstorm ideas for what marketing you are going to do that month and lay it out in the content calendar. Track habits in the habit tracker for you so you can start to cultivate habits that support you in your business. Finally, before we move into weekly planning you have space to record what wedding bookings you have this month – a flexible space for you to use these pages as best suits your business.


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