Get brides to book you – your 5 point bride attraction plan


How can I book more brides?

This is the question you probably ask yourself every day. Hope can I book more brides. Well today I want to tell you what you need in place to do just that!

  1. You need to get in front of them – attraction
  2. You need to have something to sell that they want need to demonstrate the value of that product or service – engagement
  3. You need to make it easy for them to buy or book! – I do wed!

So let’s get started with attraction, in other words How you can get in front of brides.

Getting in front of your brides.

For brides to book you, they need to know you exist! So you need to get out there and stop hiding behind the to do list (come on, I know you are guilty of this – we can all be!). Sometimes it can feel like you are beavering away, working your butt of and you still don’t get the brides. Why? Because you are beavering away in the background doing things that only you can see – you are not telling anyone what you are doing and you are not putting it out there. It easy to fall into the trap of planning, I know, I have been there with diaries and planners strewn across my desk. You have to put stuff out there for people to find you.

So how do you do this? Here is your 5 point bride attraction plan!

#1 Social media

The ultimate free business tool! I know it can feel like you are doing social media all of the time and if it does, stand back and look at what you are doing. It is better to focus on one or two social media channels and do them really well rather that spewing over all of them and doing them half arsed.

  • Post once a day
  • Post good quality content (which basically means content that your brides are going to love)
  • Don’t just sell, sell, sell – show your brides you know your stuff by commenting and sharing ideas, trends, thoughts, wedding wisdom
  • Use a mixture of text posts, memes, photos and – shock horror – video if you are brave!
  • Engage with people who comment

Look at which social media channel is best for you – where are your brides. Are they on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter – use the free visibility tool to help you decide >>> DOWNLOAD HERE

#2 Blogging

I know that the word blogging can make you shudder…it feels so grand! But blogging is basically writing. Writing an article, a newsletters, a journal entry, a post – it is just writing.

Blogging can be transformational to your business. Really. Brides read blogs. Blogs are simply wonderful at driving traffic (your brides) to your website.  There are lots of elements of blogging that need to be considered like What to post, where to post, how to make the  most of the post, but once you have that sussed, it is really super duper easy – trust me. You just need to get into the blogging flow.

There are soo many brides reading blogs, it is a shame to miss out on this chance! Using apps such as Bloglovin, google plus, Pinterest and all sorts of others, you can get great expose from blogs if they are done right.

The key to good blogging?

  • Writing content that your brides want to read, that demonstrates your expertise, that feds to your website, that draws brides closer to you.
  • You need to use good imagery, good headlines and they need to be written well.
  • They also need to be promoted well – there is no point writing a blog, popping it on your website and hoping that brides will find it…you need to promote it!

The other secret ingredient with successful blogging is the magic of Facebook pixels. Now, don’t run off to a dark room! They are not THAT scary. A pixel is simply a little bit of code that you get from Facebook, you add to your website, and it tracks who lands on your website. Then you can go and target them through Facebook adverts. This is the most effective way of running a Facebook Ad because the bride is already warm to you – they have already been on your website. This means they are more likely to engage with you, enquire with you, both with you.

So blogging is a great way of getting out there to your brides.

#3 Connecting with other suppliers

The power of connecting with others in the industry is oh so powerful for a number of reasons. It can drive brides to your business through referrals. Suppliers recommend suppliers, support each other, help each other grow, this is why having strong relationships with other suppliers can help you.

Not only will it help you grow your business, it will help you feel normal in your business.  Being surrounded by other suppliers helps you not feel alone in this scary landscape of entrepreneurship. When you feel good in business, you will do better, and having good people around you who understand you will help with that.

#4 Have something to give your brides as pressie

Let’s say your bride has found you on social media and they are not on your website. When a bride lands on your website, you are trying to draw them in closer to you and to your business and the best way of doing this is to offer them something for free. A free checklist, a free planner, a free downloadable printable, a free something your ideal bride will want to sign up for.

So you create a freebie and you promote this freebie and that is how you get brides onto your mailing list (more on that in a moment). Your freebie is a way of getting the email address of your brides so you can stay in touch with them, so you can help them in your newsletters, so you can show up in their inbox every couple of weeks.

To create your freebie you think about what your ideal bride (the bride you really want to work with) and you think about what she would love to receive as a freebie, a gift, a pressie. You then go and design this using a free online system called Canva and you set it all up on a email newsletter provider, I always recommend MailChimp. Then you get promoting it and you start getting brides on to your mailing list and you stay in contact with them with newsletters.

#5 Send your brides newsletters on a regular basis

The best way of drawing brides closer to booking you is to send newsletters. You have attracted them with your social media posts, they have landed on your website, they have signed up for your freebie. Now you need to send them helpful newsletters every few weeks so that they can get to know who you are, they can get to like what you have to offer and they get to trust you.

Know, like and trust is the magic formula for brides booking you and because are land in their inbox on a regular basis you are building each of these three things. Then when they are ready to book the service you offer they are more likely to remember you and book you.


So that is your 5 point visibility plan. How to get in front of your brides. Doesn’t seem too scary does it? The key thing at this attraction stage is knowing WHO you want to work you, your ideal bride, and putting content out there that is going to draw them to you, that is going to make you attractive to them.

I have detailed some extra resources for you below to help you more.





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