How to make a decision in your wedding business

Today I wanted to talk about new opportunities and how to make a decision on them. I am sure you have heard of shiny object syndrome. This is where you get sidetracked with something that is new. Perhaps a new thought, a new project, a new idea, a new “must have” system, a new thing that someone else is doing or perhaps a new opportunity that is unexpected.

When are these opportunities the right ones to pursue and when are they not?

There is often no right or wrong answer BUT there is something you need to do before you go off and get stuck into that new thing.

You need to validate it and see whether it is right for you, for where you are right now in your business.

You need to feel the desire, the excitement, the nervous energy of it.

Then before spending time on it, you need to look logically at the pros and cons with your business hat on.

Here are some questions to think about:

  1. Does this fit in with my goals and objectives for this year?
  2. How does this project make me feel?
  3. What is the best possible outcome from doing this?
  4. What is the worst possible outcome from doing this?
  5. How long will it (realistically) take me to complete?
  6. Will working on this project take me away from something that is more important for my business right now?
  7. Does the success of this project rely on another task that is still to be done?
  8. What happens if I park this idea for 6 months – will it still be there for me?
  9. Does it fit in with where I want to take my business?
  10. Do I have the time to do this and do it well?
  11. What are the barriers to making this a success?

Then, draw up a list of Pro’s and Con’s. Really simply, on a piece of paper or in your journal. What are the pros and cons of this new opportunity? Draw two columns and just brainstorm away. It may be that you spend a few days doing this and keep coming back to it. Keep the list in the kitchen, in your handbag, next to the bed so as a thought pops into your head, you can jot it down.

It is useful to have this pros and cons discussion with someone else, someone who is independent of your business who will look at it more objectively, more black and white, without the emotion.  I often have these types of conversation with my husband.

Yes, YOU need to be emotionally connected to something before you do it BUT you also need to logically know it will work because it is not normally the passion that stops things from happening, it is normally the practical things like time and money.

So perhaps something has come up for you recently that you have been pondering – hopefully these questions will help. If not, then save this email somewhere for the next time you get that grand idea, or you get that email in your inbox with a new opportunity.

Your intuition will often tell you whether it is right to do but get practical as well because that helps you to identify the hurdles that you may face.

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