Always wondered how to do an Instagram Story – here is a simple quick guide!

Instagram Stories are a really great way of telling your story and really, when you think about it, marketing is simply about telling stories. Stories about your products, your services, you, what you do and how you work. This is what really attracts brides to you and engages them aswell.

I love Instagram Stories because it is a nice and easy way to get your real story out there in a natural and quick way.

But you may wonder how to do one – here is a very simple quick start guide to doing an Instagram Story.

TOP TIP – If you pop your phone on airplane mode you can practice without the worry that the video will actually be posted!

Instagram Stories is just one possible way of getting visible with your brides and visibility is something that is a constant thread running through your business. It is part of The Path of being a successful wedding biz, just one piece of the puzzle.

How to do an Instagram Story

  • Open Instagram
  • Press the little camera icon on the top left of your screen
  • Your screen will show up like a video
  • Down the bottom of your screen you will see various options which you can explore but for your first one we want to make sure we are set on normal
  • Tap the circle button at the bottom to take a photo or hold it down to take a short 15-second video
  • You can switch the camera around just like a normal photo to face you or away from you
  • You can add a filter by pressing the face icon and choosing the one you want (you can add a filter afterwards aswell)
  • As you record the video, a little circle will start running so you will know when it will cut out (this gets easier to manage the more you do!)
  • You can then edit the photo or the video by adding text, stickers and gifs by pressing the buttons on the top right
  • You can also remove the playback sound by pressing the speaker icon
  • Tap done
  • You can swipe left or right to add a filter
  • The story will not share until you tap the “add your story” icon on the bottom left
  • You can keep adding stories or pics and they will stitch together in the order that you record them
  • They last for 24 hours
  • You can also save your stories by pressing the “Save” icon and you can share it as a post once it is live if you want.


But there may be one thing that is stopping you from doing this and that is your confidence.

If you want some more help with getting started with your Instagram Stories, join me for a free 5 Day Challenge which starts 26 Feb where we will work on your confidence and get that first story done!  Register here, it’s totally free >>> REGISTER HERE 

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