Brides need to know, like and trust you before they will move to the next step.


Before a bride will book you, she needs to know you, she needs to like you and she needs to trust you. These are three key factors in a bride decision to purchase. You are the same right? Before you part with your money for anything, you want to know more about what you are buying and from who. Just remember the pressure that a bride is under when planning her wedding – she is embarking on this never done before massive life project and she wants it to be perfect. She needs to know you are the right one for her before she will take the next step.

So, let’s talk through the 3 factors and what you do to get them.

Your bride needs to know you

This one comes back down to visibility – for a bride to book you she has to know that you exist so you need to get out there (see this post).

You need to show up in their social media regularly

It needs to be clear who you are – as in YOU – who is the person behind the brand

It needs to be clear what you can help them with – don’t be afraid to talk about how you can help them – because that is what you are there to do

Post pictures of works in progress – behind the scenes – let them see your skill.


Your brides needs to like you

She needs to feel that you are the right fit for her and for her wedding. If she is after elegant and sparkles and you are all bright colours and quirky then this will not work (for either side!) so your brand and your style needs to resonate with your bride (and don’t worry, it is not going to appeal to everyone and that is a good thing)

For your brides to like you they need to get to know you a bit. So you need to let your personality and the personality of your business out of the box and into your words.

You need to land in their inbox every few weeks so they can get to know you – you do this with newsletters.

You need to add YOU into your brand and be visible as the person behind the brand because you are what makes your business different to the rest.


Your bride needs to trust you

If you are going to help them create their biggest day ever they need to know that they can trust you, that you are going to show up, not let them down and provide a crackin product or service.

You do this by sharing comments from happy brides, testimonials, social proof.

You do this by posting pictures of things you have done, completed orders.

You do this by blogging about past brides.

You do this by showcasing your expertise and knowledge.


Once a bride feels at least one of these things, you are on to a winner. Just think of yourself. When did you last buy something until you had one of those feelings?  A bride is just the same as you (just with a few extra Bridezillas moments!!).


Your homework

Have a think about how you can incorporate more of the above in what you do. One small change may make a huge amount of difference. People buy people at the end of the day, remember that one.




Emma Etheridge

Emma is The Wedding Biz Coach. Working with wedding professionals all over the world to help them grow their wedding businesses. She teaches more than just the what and the why. She teaches the how. She teaches the invisible aspects of running a business, of being an entrepreneur. Her approachable nature and easy to learn style means that once scary strategies become non-scary. They become do-able, achievable. Nothing is impossible.



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