Less is More.


This little phrase has so many meanings and so many which are relevant to you in your wedding business. The concept that less is more can totally freak people out, especially when they are first starting out in business. Wherever you are in your business journey – you may be just starting out or you may have been in business for a while and have learnt the true meaning of this phrase, today I want to share a couple of things where I feel this will make a massive difference to your business growth.

01. Your products and services

Brides get totally confused by too much choice. They may love love love what you do (which is why they are looking) but they are just too consumed with the options that they have. So they panic. They close down the window of your home on the internet (your website). And they move on in their life. It is like when you go to a restaurant that has 30 different choices. You panic a little about what to order because you are torn between 2 or 3 dishes and you know that if you order 1 of them and then your friend has the other, you will wish you had ordered that one! Too much choice leads to confusion so here less is more.

This is also true for the time you can take to promote your products and services. For brides to even know they exist you need to promote them and if you have too many, you cannot give attention to them. You are almost diluting the specialism of what you offer. Now this may not be as relevant for some wedding services, but just be mindful that the more you have, the more you need to spend time promoting each individual one. You may find that you get better results when you really focus on a couple of things rather than a whole load of things. This is where less is more.

02. Your branding

Working with wedding business owners on their branding there is normally a common problem that they all have. Their brand is too complicated. If you look at top brands such as apple, such as Starbucks – if you look at luxe magazines such as Elle, Harper, Marie Claire – their brand is so simple. Less is absolutely more when it comes to your brand, especially if you are targeting a high end bride. Keep it simple – for your brides to recognise and for you to work on. By adding lots of different fonts and colours and elements you are a) diluting your brand and b) you are making life harder for yourself. Less is absolutely more when it comes to brand.

03. Your marketing focus

OK, sorry to use the “M” word because we all know that that is a real off-putter BUT what I am talking about here is where you are focusing your efforts when it comes to telling your brides about what you offer. You are better to focus on one social media channel and do it really really well rather than spreading yourself between 4 and doing them all a bit crap. I know successful wedding businesses who have grown their whole business based on Instagram. Once they have mastered that, they move on to others. But focus on one or two at a time and do them really well. Don’t dilute your marketing efforts – focus on them and you will get traction.

So what is right?

If someone asked me what the perfect must haves are for any marketing strategy I would say:

  1. Blog once a week
  2. Create a freebie that you can promote in those blogs to get email addresses
  3. Send one newsletter at least once a month (ideally every 2 weeks)
  4. Post on the one or two chosen social media everyday
  5. Engage with people who respond

Less is more. Start small and grow. That is how you grow a successful wedding business Click To TweetEveryone started at the same place as you so the people who you are looking up to now where once where you are looking up to someone else. Don’t be overwhelmed by the path, just take one step at a time and you will get further down it with confidence, with grace.


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Emma Etheridge

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