Reply To Enquiries.


Are you losing business from this?

I have emailed 5 separate companies over the past few days about various things that I am sourcing for my business and I have not had ONE response.

Not ONE.

What does this mean?

01. It makes me think that they are too busy to do my work

02. It makes me think that if they are that slow coming back when I am enquiring about work what is the service going to be like?

03. It makes me wonder if I have offended them!

04. It makes me wonder if their contact form is not working on their website or emails are going into their spam folder.

Whichever of those 4 are right, they are losing my business.


01. Reply to enquiries quickly!

To help to do this set up some email templates that you can use again and again so you are not typing out every time. You can set these up as simple word docs that you can use or you can set up templates within your emails to make it super effective. This works because you can carefully craft your reply and just spend a few minutes each time personalising (because that is super important for this industry).

02. Consider setting up an out of office return email.

So people know that you have actually received their email and you will come back to them. You can also use this as an opportunity to point them to your portfolio or perhaps your fav social media account.

03. Check that the contact form on your website is actually working.

Send yourself a test email and see if you get the email. This is one of the most common mistakes I see businesses make and it is so easily dealt with (and also such a silly one!).

Remember that when a bride has emailed you, it is likely that she has emailed others at the same time so make sure you are the one that creates the best experience. If “sort wedding florist” is on the to-do list for that day, what is your bride going to do? She is going to email all the wedding florists that she has shortlisted.  

Also, when a bride emails you see is “In the wedding planning zone” and this is the best time to nab their attention because they are ready for a conversation. And once you get the conversation going, you are onto a winner.

Now I know you are not going to be sitting on your emails every second of every day but make sure you are checking in with it at regular intervals when your brides are likely to email. Like first thing in the morning on the way into work, over lunchtime, on the evening after work. Be aware of your bride’s engagement times and engage with them at those times.




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