I love this quote. It rings so very true for me and so many of the women I know and work with. We can be forever trying to “be something”, to change the way we are to try and be accepted into whatever we think it out there to accept us. But you know what, the only acceptance you need is your own. There is no squad of people out there who are going to say “Yes, you have made it.” Only YOU can do that for yourself.

I have learnt this so much over the past few years and being a business owner has helped me to do that.

You are trying to attract new brides to you every day in what you are doing. You are trying to convert those brides who are already aware of you to get them from enquiring brides to booked brides. And yes, there is a path to follow to make this happen BUT there is a HUGE part of the journey that is totally unique to you and what you do. And that is the fact that people buy from people and your brides are exactly the same. Yes, they need to love the product or service you offer but the way you sell is unique to you. The way you respond to their enquiries. The way you make them feel. THAT is the magic piece that only you can add into what you do.

So start to think about how you can let more of you into what you do. How you can inject your personality, your love, your passion, your you-ness into everything you do.  You will not only start to see the needle shift in your business but you will also feel so much more connected to your business.

You are perfect just as you are. Just know this. And your brides will connect with you if you let this through.

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