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17 JANUARY 2017 // YOU & BIZ SH*T

How are the New Year Resolutions coming along? Today is “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day” which basically means, after two weeks of trying to keep to new year’s resolutions, people give up. The reason? Because the resolutions set are normally too big, overwhelming and all at once.

My theory is to reframe resolutions as promises to yourself and just choose one at a time to focus on. You can read more about this here but today I want to help you to think about how you can make those good new year resolutions stick.  By good ones I mean the ones you can control & the ones that will actually have an impact on your world.

You just gotta make it easy for yourself!

Let me give you three examples from my personal life:

Non Biz Related – Drink more water. I know that I need to drink more water, I know the impact it will have on me & I know the benefits are worth the effort (and yes, I know drinking water isn’t really effort but it is a habit and a habit takes effort to put into place!), So, how can I make it easier? Answer: Buy a nice new glass (because it is just my personality – if it is pretty or fun, I will use it!) and buy a water bottle so I can see how much I have drank. DONE. I have made it super easy for me to do this now and I really cannot have any excuse why not to do it.

Biz Related – Write more consistent blog posts. This is a big goal for me this year, to get consistent with my content (we are all improving you know!) so how can I make this easy for myself? At the start of the week I open my Trello account and I look at my Editorial Calendar. In there I have a board of blog content ideas. I also have a board called “Writing for this week” and all I do is drag over the content ideas that I am going to write about that week. I then dedicate the first 30-60 minutes of my day (depending on what else I have on) to write. I open my word doc, open my Trello account, pull across the title/idea for the blog post I am going to write and then I just write. This makes it easy for me because I don’t waste the first 10 minutes of my 30 or 60 minutes writing time thinking about what I am going to write about – I can just get into it. I make it as easy as possible for me to do. PS, If you don’t know what Trello is, it is the wonderfully wonderful {free} system that I use to manage my entire business and I show you how I use it in my Get It Done Course which you can read about here.

Non Biz Related – Moisturise more. One of my guilty pleasures is beauty products – I have stacks (and I mean stacks!!) of them…so this year I am committing to use what I have before I buy anything new and specifically, I am promising myself that I will moisturise every evening without fail. How can I make this easy? I have a cosmetics bag in the bathroom with all the products I need in one place. So I can grab this bag, use each thing and then when one runs out, I will replace it with something else from my stash. Simple. I am making it really easy for myself.

So the thing is that new year’s resolutions, the ones that will actually make a difference to your world, can be made possible IF you make it easy. Wanna lose weight? Don’t buy crap food. Wanna get fit? Wake up and put your gym gear straight on and your trainers instead of your slippers.  Everyone is different and everyone will work differently but just see how you can make what you are trying to achieve easier so you have no excuses NOT to do it. But you have to really want to do it in the first place. It has to come from a place of passion and heart otherwise however easy it is, you will always find an excuse not to.

You can totally DO this! 2017 is gonna be YOUR year! Just get moving and chose the things that are going to get you there!

With love




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