We can all make excuses for not moving forward on projects and the classic one is “I don’t have the time”. Well today I want to share with you how I make my projects happen and it works.

When I have a chunky project to get done I like to put aside a day or a few to really blast through it. This works really well for me because it makes me feel super accomplished and it also aids the creative process I go through when I am working on a project – this keeps me focussed. I find that for some things I need to warm myself up. I need to get into the zone and sometimes this can take a little bit of time, but once I am there I can stay really focussed (most of the time!)

But it can be REALLY hard to stay focused on one thing so today I wanted to share with you what I practically do to make big leaps forward on my projects.

These are the steps I take:

1. Block out the time

I look in my diary and I block out which day(s) I have to work on the project based on current client work and other appointments. I choose the day(s) and BLOCK THEM OUT.

2. Remove distractions

For me, distractions can be a real productivity killer and if I don’t get rid of them, they niggle me and I use them as excuses to stop the focus and get distracted. Distractions can be anything such as tidying the kitchen, making the bed, putting the washing on to picking up your phone and scrolling on Instagram for an hour. So, before I start my work day I remove the distractions that I know will bother me.

3. Schedule social media for the day

Social media can be a real time suck and if you need to get focused, you need to remove the time suck so either day before, or very first thing, schedule the social media posts you want to post that day so you don’t get distracted.

4. Get the project notebook out

One of the tricks that works for me across my business is having different notebooks for the core areas of my business, so I ONLY HAVE OUT the one that is relevant to the project I am working on. This means I do not get distracted by anything. I always have my Wedding Biz Planner next to me to capture ideas (you can get yours here!) but apart from that, I clear my desk of any other distractions that are not relevant to this specific project.

5. Set yourself up

For me, this is having a nice big glass of water, a fresh cuppa, a candle burning and anything around me that will inspire me. I consciously set myself up for the day and make sure I have with me what I need and what makes me feel good.

6. Allocate breaks

I will set out at the start of my day when I will have a break, so I can manage how much I can hope to get done in each segment of work. I will always make sure I have a proper lunch break because if I don’t, I get really exhausted and this does not make for a productive afternoon. I tend to read a book for 30 mins, do some painting or go for a walk. This is what I call my creative play. I do something that will make me feel like I have had a proper break. I often find this also gives me ideas and inspires me for the afternoon ahead.

7. Struggling to get into the zone?

IF I am struggling to get “into it” I will go for a walk (if it is not raining!) or do some stretching (if it is raining!) and this normally gives me the boost I need to get back to the project in mind.
If this doesn’t work, I connect back to the reason WHY I am doing the project and the benefits that it will bring me – this normally helps to get my creative mojo back!

The key things for me are

1. Knowing what I want to achieve
2. Giving myself regular time slots for breaks

I know we all work differently and sometimes, the thought of dedicating a whole day to one project can feel super luxurious but trust me, doing this means you make big progress on something that has no doubt been on your to-do list for a long time. Just try it once and see how much you get done and how good you feel afterwards.

Finding your rhythm and becoming as productive as possible will really help you grow your business quicker.

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