May Goals.


In my mission to share more of the behind the scenes of me in my biz, I want you to see the importance of setting goals in your biz. When you have them on a piece of paper that you can look at everyday, you are reminded of what you are working towards. This is oh so powerful and I want you to see that in your biz. These goals go above and beyond your “usual” or the work that you already have booked in with clients. These are actions that are going to get you closer to your North Star – your big scary dream – your achievable big scary dream.

This is a game changer, seriously. Especially as we are drawing closer to the half year mark.

So, here are my goals for May

01. Run Brand Story event for clients – I am so blumin passionate about helping my clients understand how they can truly stand out in the market and how they can get their brides to choose THEM over mrs competitor down the road. Because there is a better way of doing business and it is about standing out and being true to your own message. The event is going to focus on this + we are going to be looking at how they can package their services so that they sell in the minds of their soul brides. The event is on the 4 May and I am super excited for the beautiful group of ladies who are coming.

02. Create Space in my life – This has been a constant theme for me for 2017. One of my words for 2017 was SIMPLICITY and I am looking at how I can make everything easier, simpler, more efficient and how I can create more space in my world. Not just in my work but in my life aswell. So this month we are having a big clear out at home to create more space. Space to be creative, to be focused, to feel freedom. This means tackling the wardrobe & the kitchen cupboards…if I don’t make it – it has been nice knowing you!

03. Resource library – I have wanted to set up a resource library for you lovely lot for a while. A place where you can sign up once and get access to tons of free stuff which will be added to each month. Sounds good right! I am excited about this so watch this space. You can take a look at the freebies I have at the moment here – some may be changing so nab them whilst you can >>>

04. Create the first Wedding Biz Coach book come strategy guide come planner – This has been a dream of mine – to make a planner that is specifically focussed to those in the wedding industry (you!) and this month I am going to make the first edition! So EXCITED about this I could scream. This is going to be a luxury notebook/planner/motivation/pep talk kinda guide that will be a joy to work with. Again…keep an eye on my social media and my newsletters for more on this!

05. Birthday celebrations! Oh yes, it is also my birthday month so I will make sure there is some time for me as part of my self-care and appreciation. I don’t really get too depressed with birthdays, I like to see them as another wonderful year on this amazing planet. We are truly lucky and I feel this gratitude more and more the older I get. HOWEVER I do have a lot of grey hair…which I am just classing as really really really really blonde. I am in denial with that.

So that’s it for May. I have lots of exciting client projects I am working on at the moment including two very exciting brand and website design projects. I am loving the brands we are creating and cannot wait to share more on that.


Set yourself some goals. Regardless of whether you read this blog post at the end of a month, middle of the month or at 3am in the morning (yep – I do that A LOT!). Make Goals. Take Action. Achieve Dreams. 

Till next week…have a great one

Emma Etheridge The Wedding Biz Coach



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Emma Etheridge

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