Mindset is possibly THE most important thing that will make your wedding business successful. Mindset is everything. If you think something is going to be hard, difficult or tricky, it often is. When you think something is going to be easy, great and wonderful – it often is!

It took me a while to buy into all of this mindset hoo haa – I thought it was all a load of airy fairy fluffy bullshit if I am being totally honest. Coming from a corporate background everything was about action and a “just get on with it” kinda approach. But when I started my self employment journey, sitting at home everyday on my own, with nothing but the cats and radio to keep me company, I started to buy into the mindset malarkey and now, I practice and work on my mindset every-single-day without fail. And I cannot tell you how much this has helped me. Helped me grow in my business and as a person.

The mindset you have about everything you do is key. You need to know you can do this. You need to know that you can do anything. BUT I get that this is easy to say and sometimes harder to do.  So I have given you some tools here to help you when you feel a little “Meh!”. When you feel like you just can’t do it anymore.

But, I just want to say before we get into this that EVERYONE has the negative niggles, the pesky self doubting monkies that sit on your shoulder and pop up when you least expect them! The best thing you can do for you is to see the signs, know when the mindset is shifting from a good place to a bad place and intervene! Take action to stop it. You have to be strong in your business, and sometimes this means being strong to yourself. In the Ultimate Wedding Business Growth Programme, we focus on Mindset throughout the ENTIRE programme and Mindset is where we start. Mindset coupled with confidence because that is a magic combination right there! Enrolment is open for the programme now  >>>CLICK HERE 

In this bundle of goodies you have:

5 Tools you Can Use TODAY  To Change Your Mindset

Books I LOVE to Read To Squish Those Negative Niggles and To Change Your Mindset For Good

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Dear wedding biz owner

#Peptalk time! I know it is easy to think all of this is a load of bullpoop – I was there with you at one point. But, honestly, it is the #1 thing that will make you feel good in what you are doing. And when you feel good, your business will grow. Simple as that. When you are in the right mindset, the right things will happen. It really is that important.

But it takes practice, it takes conscious effort to train your mind to be positive. And you cannot be positive and happy ALL of the time – that is not possible. But when you do feel like the negative nellies are taking residence in your mind, take one of the actions I have talked about here and kick them to the kerb. Don’t just keep pushing through it. Take a break, reconnect, get inspired – do whatever it takes to make you feel good.

Don’t feel guilty if you take a break.

Don’t feel guilty if you are not super happy happy all the time.

Stop beating yourself up.

Know that you are in the right place for you right now.

And to move forward you take one step at a time.

You can do this, I know you can. How do I know? Well you wouldn’t be here reading this if you weren’t series about your biz. You are the power and the will to create your own reality and build the business you love. Sometimes you just need to be reminded to pull up those CEO #boss pants and be tough.

You got this. Now go take care of it.

Emma Etheridge The Wedding Biz Coach

Emma Etheridge The Wedding Biz Coach


#1 Take a Break

We can put sooooooo so so much pressure on ourselves to DO. Always running at super speed. Always feeling a little behind (behind what I am never sure!). Always looking at the next thing on the to do list. When you get into a negative nelly mindset, it can be hard to take the time out because often times the negative self talk and mindset shift comes when you are super super busy, which makes it hard to take time out. BUT if you are not putting true energy in to what you are doing then it will not work. If you keeping beating yourself up you will not produce good work, it is simple as that.

The best thing you can do when you feel like this is take some time out – I don’t mean days or weeks, I mean a couple of hours, or even 30 minutes. Tidy your desk. Read a book. Sit with a cuppa in silence. Go for a walk. Do some yoga. Do a guided visualisation. Do whatever feels good for you.

You have to look after YOU because without YOU you do not have a business. When you feel crap – take time out. Shut off from social media, stop looking at things that do not serve you, get out of those hundreds of Facebook Groups you are part off – all they do is feed the negative self talk. “Oh look at them, they are doing so much better”. “How is she getting all these bookings” “Why would a bride use me when Mrs Wonderful Wedding Supplier lives down the road” “Why didn’t I think of that – god, I am so crap”.

Stop feeding yourself stories that do not serve you or make you feel good. Take a break and find your balance again. You can do this, you know you can, you just need to remind yourself every now and then.

#2 Reconnect with your WHY

If your mindset has totally knocked you off course and you are struggling to get back to it, then you need to refocus back on your why. They reason you do your business. This may be your big goal or it may something more personal – everyones WHY will be different. It may be that you want to be able to live a flexible working life so you can drop your little one off school and pick them back up. It may be that you want to be able to support you and your family. It may be that you want to shuv two fingers up to the people who thought you couldn’t do this. It may be that you want to build a life that gives you flexibility in the future.

Reconnecting with your why is one of the most effective ways of bringing the focus back and having a mindset shift.

If you are struggling to figure out the why, go and hide away somewhere with a big piece of paper and a cuppa and just brainstorm your thoughts, get it all out of your head. What excites you about what you do, what you love, what you hate, what your fears are, what your joys are. Have a mini session with just you, a pack of post-it notes and your CEO pants. You are the boss of your business and your life and you need to pull up those CEO pants every now and then to make sure you are on the right track and that you are still in love with what you do.

Your mission, your why, your purpose is an important part of you building a business that you love and that you will grow into.

#3 Surround yourself with people who get it

Only people in business, fellow entrepreneurs, fellow wedding business owners truly know what it is like to grow a business. Family members, partners, friends will listen (kind of) but they won’t really understand what it is like. People may say “Oh, aren’t you lucky, doing what you love everyday whilst I am sitting at work!”  “Isn’t it nice that you get to work from home, watching the telly when you want sitting in your PJs” and one of my favourites … “Can you just do this today because you are not at work”.

If only they knew…HOW BLUMIN HARD it is to “appear” to be living this wonderfully pretty life full of sparkles, ribbons and making stuff.

Because it is hard, and only people who are IN IT understand. Yes, it is also wonderful, I love love love being my own boss and I love being able to 100% do what I want to do and have 100% responsibility for my own success. But this is where the mindset stuff comes back into play – if people keep saying “Oh you are so lucky doing what you love every day” when they are really thinking “Stop dicking around busting your gut and go get a PROPER job!” it can wear you down. It can make you question. Especially if your bookings and bank balance are not quite where you want them to be.

This is why it is imperative that you have people around you who genuinely understand, fellow biz-starters, biz-growers, biz-builders. You have to have this happy place to go to, you need to have this support, this nurture, this love and care. I hand on heart genuinely believe that if I hadn’t been involved in online coaching programmes as I built my business, my business would not be where it is today. And the reason was not only because of the stuff I learnt but because of the support, the friendship, the care of fellow entrepreneurs who I could turn to when I needed to, and they could turn to me.

Building some local face-to-face business buddy relationships is also important – so you get out of the house and talk to people! Don’t be a hermit – make the effort and start to make friends with others who get it. I bet if you walked into that local bridal shop today just to say “Hello!” to the owner, with no agenda, no selling stuff, just literally, “I am a local wedding supplier, you are, let’s have a coffee!”. I bet you they would welcome you with open arms and she would be your next business BFF.

Some of my business BFF’s know more about me than my husband. They know my real deep fears and blocks because they have them too. When you find someone who connects with you at that level, they are a massive support to you in your life and your business.  Oh gosh, I think I am going to go and virtually hug all my business BFFs after that – I am feeling emotional!!

#4 Use the word YET

This is one of my favourite mindset shift tools. One simple word. YET. Start using it!

Everything is possible. Everything comes from learning, testing and tweaking. So next time you have a paddy (come on, we all have them!) saying “I can’t do this!!” I want you to stop yourself and add the word “Yet” to the end of the statement. This way you are accepting the fact that you can learn how to do it.

It is like driving. When you first sit in a car you think “Oh heck!” but after committing to weekly lessons, when you put your mind to it you pass your test and now you get into a car without even remembering how hard it was when you first started. It just becomes natural.  It becomes second nature.

It is like cooking. Whether you are the next Gordon Ramsay or a disaster chef on Come Dine With Me, you will keep trying to master that meal you struggle to make – whether it is some extravagant lobster bisque of a boiled egg. Trying and tweaking will get you there.

This is the same with business. Everytime you do “that thing” for the first time it feels so hard and so awkward. Next time you do it it feels easier. And then the third time it feels easier. By the forth time, you have the flow!

So, if you only take ONE action from this little peptalk, I want you to introduce the word YET into any negative thoughts you have and see how that changes your outlook. It is really powerful.

“I don’t get it”
“I can’t do this”
“This doesn’t work”

Take a deep breath. Walk away from your desk. Come back. Add “Yet” to the end of the sentence.

“I don’t get it … yet”
“I can’t do this … yet”
“This doesn’t work … yet”

#5 Be inspired

Inspiration is a big game changer when it comes to mindset. For you to be in a happy place, you need to feel inspired. You are probably a creative person because you are in the wedding industry. Even if that creativity isn’t art or design, it will be creativity with the skill you have – taking photos, making cakes, styling venues, making music, whatever your awesome wedding skill is, you will be a creative.

And to keep that you have to be inspired. Make time in your day or your week to get inspiration, to suck it in and fuel your creative desires. This will feed your mindset with positivity because when you feel inspired, you feel excited and energetic and positive. Take some time to think about what inspires you. It may be as simple as having a tidy desk, or a messy desk! It may be having some motivational quotes hanging on the wall by your desk, or scattered through your diary. It may be learning a new skill – I am currently teaching myself watercolour and calligraphy so I dedicate time each and every week to do some because it makes me feel good (I am awful at the moment…but I will learn…the power of the word YET! “I am no good at this…YET. But I will get there with practice and perseverance). It may be reading a book. It may be watching some motivational videos on YouTube. It may be listening to your favourite music.

Make time to be inspired in your everyday life. This will also give you some YOU time, and that will help with your mindset. When I sit down with my watercolour paints and a brush for half an hour, this is time for ME. I am enjoying it. I listen to some music, I paint and I spend 30 minutes with myself. And that is good for my business and my mindset.

Set some time in your diary now, each week, with the entry “Be inspired” and do whatever feels good to you.



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Jim Carrey – so inspiring



by Emma Etheridge, The Wedding Biz Coach | #PEPtalk


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Emma Etheridge

Emma is The Wedding Biz Coach. Working with wedding professionals all over the world to help them grow their wedding businesses. She teaches more than just the what and the why. She teaches the how. She teaches the invisible aspects of running a business, of being an entrepreneur. Her approachable nature and easy to learn style means that once scary strategies become non-scary. They become do-able, achievable. Nothing is impossible.

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