How I Set my Goals, Targets and Tasks each month – my checklist. #Behindthescenes


Everyone goes goal setting crazy in January, but February comes and that process seems to stops, so I thought today I would share with you how I actually plan in my business for my month ahead. Real life,behind the scenes stuff. So, grab a cuppa, and have a read to see if this will help you to set your goals for this month and all the months!

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To make it super easy I am going to breakdown the process I follow, step by step

almost like a checklist.


01. First off, I block out some time in the diary at the start of each month to plan for the month, sometimes this only needs half an hour, sometimes a little longer.

02. I sit down and look at my goal for the year which is sitting on notice board in my office, big and bold so I can see it everyday.

03. With this goal in mind, I ask myself “What can I do this month to get me closer to my goal” and see what naturally flows into my mind.

04. I then get practical. I have a nice long list of projects that I brainstormed at the start of the year along with my rough plan for the coming 3 months (I work in 3 month blocks) all sitting in my Trello account (the hub for my business) – pst if you wanna know how to do this I share it ALL in my Get It Done course Here >>> .

05. I look at the projects I have earmarked for the month ahead. I then sit back and ask myself if they still feel like the right things to focus on. I normally intuitively know if they are, or if I need to swap things around a bit. Once I have done this, I know that I am on the right track and I can start my month with the focus I know that I need to move forward.

Sometimes this process takes me a few minutes, sometimes it takes me a little longer, it depends on what mood I am in, or whether anything has changed in my business.

06. The next thing I do is grab my paper diary, open up my Trello board and my google calendar. I work through both to see what I have already got committed in the diary, business and personal things that need my attention. This allows me to see how much time I realistically have to work on the projects in my business.

07. I make a list of all of the MUST DO’s that need to happen this month. Things like client work, recording content for my programmes, setting out my blogs, newsletters, social media etc – what I like to call the housework of my business (the stuff that needs to be done everyday to keep things ticking over).

08. Against this list I estimate how long each task is going to take, roughly, a few hours, a day, a couple of days and I plot it out in the dairy. This then gives me a realistic view as to how much time and when I can work on the projects in my business for the month ahead (acknowledging that Feb is a short month too!).

This bit of my process normally takes about half an hour, depending on how much stuff there is to do (at this point I am just getting clear on the tasks not the how to!). Sometimes I do this straight into Trello which is the system I use to manage my world *literally!* or I make a hard copy list and transfer it across, it just depends what kind of mood I am in!


09. Next I take the projects I have set myself and I fill the gaps! I know the hours I work in my biz so I plot my projects out in those gaps and I have a clear, realistic view of my month ahead.

As I work through the month, I can flex things, I can move things but for me, starting the month with a clear idea of what I am doing helps keep me focussed and keeps my on track with my goal and I know that this is the only way that I can achieve my dreams.

10. The final phase in my month planning is to set my intentions and I do this is three ways. First I set my goals, then and set 3 targets to focus on (which are usually in line with my goals) and third (this is a new thing for 2017) I set myself some affirmations for the month ahead. So let me tell you about each of these things.

11. My goals are normally focussed on biz with a few personal ones thrown in. Now, before you run off into a dark room, I challenge myself in a big way each month and I set quite a few goals that I know will push me. For me, personally, my goals are always in addition to the “work” I need to do, client work etc, they are goals that will grow my business. The number of goals flex throughout the year based on a) what I already have committed to and b) how big the projects are.

I set myself three targets every single month and I write them down every single day to reinforce them in my mind. Targets are anything that you can measure – numbers. A few examples:

  • Increase number of followers on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter to [x]Write [x] blogs
  • Pin [x] of my pins on Pinterest everyday
  • Bring in £[x] Income
  • Attract [x] new clients [Brides]
  • Grow my mailing list by [x]
  • Write [x] newsletters
  • Add [x] new images to my website

You get the picture – anything that you can physically track and know whether you have accomplished it.  Targets are so important to your growth, without them, you have nothing to aim for. You have nothing to push yourself for. Let’s say one of your targets is to get 5 bookings this month and you are nearing the end of the month. If you have that target in front of you, you will intentionally think “What can I do today to meet that target” and then you will take more informed action to convert and enquiry or send an email with an offer, or do something that will get that booking.  My business didn’t start to grow before I had targets, targets have literally pushed me more and more each month and that is powerful stuff.

12. So, I set three targets for the month ahead and I immerse myself in those targets. I write them down in my notebook every morning and ask myself “What can I do today to get closer to that”. So let’s say, one of my targets is to grow my mailing list, I would make sure I add a link to my freebie on my social media channels to drive new sign ups, I would pop links in my blogs to drive new sign ups, I would take intentional action to get closer to achieving that target. I go through all of this in Get (Sh)it Done course which you can get instant access to now >>>



13. The final thing that I do is I set my self some affirmations for the month ahead, in line with the goals, projects and targets I have set. Now, yes, I know, if you are reading this and you are not a “woo woo” affirmations kinda gal, I was you not that long ago. But then I discovered the power of the mind over what we do and now I admit it – I am full on WOO WOO. This is a new activity I have added to my monthly planning so this is only the second month I have done it (and January’s was a bit of a lame effort if I am being honest…as most new things are when you first start them).

An affirmation is basically a positive statement that you repeat to yourself to build belief in the thing you are trying to affirm to yourself. So I set myself about 5 affirmations that link with my goals, that support what my focus is that month. I am hoping that this will help me achieve even more from my targets and my goals because I will empowered and focussed to do so. I will let you know how this goes and will share my woo woo journey with you!

14. The next step is to…you guessed it…

take action!

The bossy bit from me to you (in case you need a good talking to..)

Now you reading this may think “Oh heck that is a lot” but spending just one-two hours at the start of every month if OH SO WORTH IT if you then can have a clear plan for your month ahead. If you can then know what you are trying to achieve. And know that when you sit down at your desk, you have a plan that you know will move you forward. This will grow your wedding business and book more brides.

If you are reading this thinking “I do not know what my goals are” then you need to get your shit together in all honesty. And I don’t mean that to be horrible or bossy but you do. The thing is, you and only you can make this business what you want it to be.  You have to pull up those CEO pants and really and truly get down to doing the stuff that will get you where you want to be. If you literally don’t know where to start, then you may find my course “Get (sh)it Done” really useful, it helps you to get into the right mindframe, gets your focussed on your goals & how you can turn those goals into practical actions that get done. No one can do this for you. You have to take ownership and be the boss of your future, and your business.

I hope that this has helped you, if you have any questions at all, please please please do comment below – I want to help you achieve!

With love




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