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There are two stages to a bride buying

Stage One: The MOOCHING stage

This is when a bride is wandering, window shopping, looking around to see what is out there (she is looking at THOSE SHOES but not trying them on!)

Stage Two: The SMOOCHING stage 

This is when a bride has fallen in love. They buy, they commit, they seal the deal with a big smoochy smooch (she has walked into the shop, tried the shoes and fallen head over heals in love and bought)

So how do we get a bride to chose you as their smooching partner?

We get Specific with who you are selling to – your soul bride

We have a clear Message that means something to them

We have Offerings that they want

We get Out There so brides can see you

We have quality Content that attracts then to you

We Have Fun because this passion shows and raises your magnetic attraction

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In this 6-part video series

I am going to walk you through each stage so by the end you have a plan of smooching attack!

Get that lippy on because you are going to need it.

Each day I will send you an email with a short 5-minute video with

1) The quick theory &

2) Oneclear action to take

The result: an easy 2-page plan of action that is not overwhelming. Or confusing. But Simple.

I’m Emma, 

I help wedding business owners *just like you* build beautiful wedding businesses and I am on a mission to make it as easy, and fun, as possible. You see it can be confusing. It can be overwhelming. It can be scary. You are not meant to be good at this stuff. You are good at what you do, your wedding skill, but this biz building stuff goes alongside having a successful business so you need to understand it and I am here to help you. 

It is lovely to meet you here and I hope to see you inside the training. 

Emma Etheridge The Wedding Biz Coach

Get the free training here

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P.S You may be wondering why I have used feathers for the branding here. I know I always wonder why people do things – it is the entrepreneur in me! Well, the reason is because this is how I want your business to feel for you. I want it to feel easy, flowing with no resistance. I want you to have the freedom and simplicity that you absolutely can have in your business. I want you to realise that when you follow the path of least resistance you will flow through it a lot easier. There are lots and lots AND LOTS of symbolic meanings of the simple feather, all equally powerful. But that is what this symbol means to be. Be the feather!

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