How to stay motivated when you just can’t be bothered

11 JULY 2017 // YOU & BIZ SH*T

We all have those days. You know the ones I mean. When you have a massive to do list, the house is messy, the washing needs to be done, the blog needs to be written, the cat needs feeding and you just can’t be bothered *OK, you feed the cat, but that is it!*

So, first off. You are Normal.

Second. How can you motivate yourself when you do feel like this? Because sometimes these days can drag on, and on and on and you need to nip it in the bud!

5 Ways to motivate yourself in your business

01. Put on some music. Really REALLY loud and have a dance. Now, before you roll your eyes are me – try it! I used to hate tips like this but, honestly, it works. This is my #1 mood lifter.

02. Make a list. OK, not the most exciting thing in the world UNLESS you make it so! Use your favourite pen, your prettiest notebook and make a list. It might me writing down your to do list (which may be the reason you are in this slump so getting it out of your head is a good thing) or you could write a list of books you want to read, places you want to visit, things you want to buy. Making lists like this can really motivate you.

03. Connect with others who get it! Being self-employed is lonely! There, I said it! It can be really really hard when you are on your own, doing your own thing, in charge of your own time. Because of this you have no one to pull you out of a slump, no one to go have a whinge with next to the water machine! No one to have a silly giggle with. You need business buddies around you. You need to have them for your own sanity! Because people who are not self-employed do not get it. I have a couple of groups of business buddies and oh my, they save me. The know what I am going through when I am trying to do something (because I am on the same journey as you you know – growing a business and trying to figure it all out!). A quick message on Facebook and I am back in the game! So, reach out to people who get it, even better if they are in the wedding industry (because it is a totes different industry to everything else!). Community and connection are two of the core values I have inside The Wedding Biz Club – a place where like-minded people in this same industry get together and grow. Enrolment to the Club is closed at the moment but re-opening really soon so make sure you are on the list if you feel you need some support and education in your wedding biz life! You can get on the list here.

04. Go for a walk. Round the park, to the local coffee shop (or pub!). Wherever – just get a change of scenery. This is an instant mood lifter and this is often what I do when I have a crazy busy day and need to refocus.

05. Do something fun for you! This will be different for everyone. Your fun may be reading a book, a magazine, listening to a podcast, searching for funny cat videos on YouTube (guilty!), or watching an episode of your latest Netflix obsession. Make some bread, a cake or do make something yummy. Have a medicine bag of tricks that you can pull out when you need a lift.  Mine? I tend to do a little yoga session, go and read my book or even sometimes be really luxurious and go and have a bath in the middle of the day! Anything to hit that reset button.

Bonus tip = Don’t wallow is busy and unproductivity! There is NO POINT having a pity party on your own. DON’T sit in front of your laptop getting wound up because you are not doing anything. If you find yourself being unfocussed then step away. You will get your mojo back much quicker this way – trust me. I have wasted hours doing this, and now, as soon as I notice that I am getting really easily distracted I do one of the things above and I change my mindset, often ending up being more productive than before.

So next time you are in a CBA (can’t be arsed!) mood, try one of these. IF you STILL feel the same, then just go with it. Have a break. Allow yourself the afternoon off and start a fresh the following day. If you do this though make sure you do it with no guilt and with no self-judgement. Allow yourself the time.

With love



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