We all feel stuck sometimes, (some weeks more than others!!). We can feel smothered by the to-do list, the must-do list and the dream list. This feeling kinda comes part of the business owner package! But it is easy to get stuck into non-action. Not doing anything productive, useful or well…anything (otherwise known as THE FAFF!!).

Looking at your to-do list you may not know where to start, and this question will help you.

What is the next logical step?

Let’s say you have 30 things on your to-do list, one of those is “Look at the way I welcome booked brides into my business.” This is GREAT action, BUT if you are not actively getting bookings, it does not make sense to look at this as a priority. But let’s say you have an action on your to-do list such as “Look at the packages I offer” then it makes way more sense to work on that action because when you know what you offer you can sell it in a way that will attract your brides.

Does that make sense?

Sometimes the projects that are on the list are not for right this very second – they may be excellent things to work on but in the future. Looking at how you welcome booked brides into your business is an key action for creating an amazing customer experience but if you are not getting those booked brides, it is not a key focus for now – it may be in 3 months time when you start to get the flow going.

Just to say, you also need to use your intuition here. What feels like it is the next best thing for you? You have to tune into your intuition because this can guide you way more than you realise.

So, if you are stuck in stickiness of your business, ask yourself…

“What is the next logical step”, look at where your biz is right now and figure out what you need to focus on.

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So, remember

“What is the next logical step?”

You can figure this out and you can make this happen. I believe in you.






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