1 Simple Way to Get Brides to your Website


All of this marketing stuff you are doing in your business is with one aim in mind. Getting brides onto your website so they can buy from you. Today I want to share a quick tip with you that will get brides moving easier to your website.

But before we get started you need to know what your website traffic actually is, in other words, how many visitors do you get to your website every day.

Plugins to monitor your website traffic

There are two plugins I would recommend for this, Google Analytics and Count Per Day. Get one of these set up on your website so that you can start to track your website stats. If you already have one of these, or a similar one, set up on your site then jump in today and have a look at your stats. How many visitors do you get to your website. Now we have a base number, we can see if this little trick is working for you.  Like with anything, you need to give a new thing enough room to see if it works. Don’t give up so easily!

Now, here is the super simple way you can get brides to your website

At the end of your newsletter, underneath your signoff, include a list of your recent blogs, or latest products/package updates or anything that entices the reader to click through.

Let me give you an example. At the end of my newsletter, I now include a list of the last 5 or so blog posts, just as really simple click through links. Doing this has had a massive impact on the amount of traffic to my website which in turn has helped my ideal client (you) get to know me more, get to trust me, get to like me (*blushes*) and it helps create a stronger, deeper relationship. Here is what I mean – here is my newsletter and you can see the links at the bottom here highlighted in pink >>> 

This super simple addition to your newsletter will really help to drive the traffic to your site.

Just to say, that if you are drawing brides into your website through your blog post, you want to make sure it is easy for them to click through to find out more and you can read more about that here >>>.

If you are not sending regular newsletters why not just do a round-up post at the end of each week or every couple of weeks saying “Read the latest blog posts here [insert the links]”.

We need to get traffic to your website. We need to close the gap between social media likers and actual moochers – ie brides who are looking around, window shopping, creating their “dream wedding supplier!” list. To do this we need to make it clear and obvious. 

So make the action clear – tell your brides what to do next. Close the gap and make the journey as simple as possible for them.

Do this consistently and then track back to your website stats and see the impact it has had. Just make sure you are realistic – if you only send one newsletter a month then you will need to give it a few months to see a change. If you send a newsletter once a week then you will see a bigger impact quicker.





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