The ONE WEEK to DONE 1:1 Packages


What do you actually get?

  • Setting up your MailChimp account (in other words, the free software that you use to send professional emails) including all the tech stuff
  • Set you up a template that you can use again and again
  • Optimise the template to drive brides back to your website
  • Set up your first newsletter so it is fully on brand and gorgeous!
  • If you need an idea for what to cover in the newsletter – I can give you one 🙂 
  • Get the newsletter sent! EEEKK!
  • Full tutorials to show you how to do your newsletter so you can watch them back at any time
  • Set up a newsletter sign up form so you can capture the email addresses of your brides
  • I will show you how to add this to your website and your social media channels
  • Writing tips
  • You will be empowered to send newsletters going forward in your business and this package will help you to rinse and repeat


  • Access to me as a VIP for the whole week
  • Soul bride masterclass and playbook


  • The newsletter content actually written – you will need to provide the words in a word document but I will give you some guidance if you need it



  • Questionnaire to be completed
  • 1:1 Session on Day One
  • 1:1 Session one week after to walk through project and how to use it going forward
  • You will need to write the content for your newsletter BUT I will give you guidance so don’t panic!



To Book

It’s super easy to book. Just send a message using the box below or email me at and let me know which package you would like to book.

I will then email you available dates, we agree on one and I send you an invoice for 30% to hold your date. This week is then blocked out for you in my diary.

I will the be in touch with your homework (fun homework not boring scary homework!) where I will get to know more about you, your biz, your story and your brides. This is so I can provide 100% bespoke work for you and your biz.

The remainder of the payment is due before our start date or we can arrange a payment plan if that suits you better.

When you book I will also send you some extra resources that will help you in your wedding biz in general – some little bonuses from me to you (because I am nice like that!).

How does it work

It’s super simple, super quick & super easy for you.

The skinny on how it works is you book, we chat, I do, you receive the job done!

For those who need more detail (yes you!), this is the actual process:

01. You secure your spot in my diary by making initial payment* 

02. I will be in touch with a questionnaire so you can answer some key things I need to know before we start (don’t worry – it will be fun).

03.  I send you the workplan we will work through throughout the booked week so you can see exactly what you have to do and also what I will be doing. This, of course, will be relevant to the package that you book.

04. When the date you have booked comes round, we start the week on the Monday with a 1:1 session so I can get to know more about your business and we get into the meat of the project. This is a time for you to really pick my brains and for me to really make sure I understand you and your business so that the package really delivers for you. **  

05.  I go off and do my magic and we work through the plan.  

06.  You have 1:1 email access to me throughout the entire week to ask me anything that you need to about what we are working on together.

07. The following Monday I send you the project finished! Along with any resources that will be helpful and a video walkthrough showing you what to do. We also jump on a call for 30 minutes so you can ask me any final questions.

08. You then get a week of extra email support should you need it to ask me any questions.

You are done. Ready to conquer the world. All in one little week. 

*Once you have decided this is for you, I need you to commit to the week you choose. This is not saying that you will do nothing else that week but that this will be a core focus for you. This way you get the absolute most from the project. 

**Just to say, even though I have a process I work through for each package, the advice and the project I do is bespoked 100% to you, your business and who you are trying to attract into your business – your soul bride. There is no one size fits all. This is done for you.

Who Am I? Just in case you were wondering! 

I’m Emma and my passion is helping wedding business bosses build super duper successful wedding businesses, using simple things that work. Because I believe that there is pure beauty is simplicity. It is easy to over complicate and to over analyse and these two things stop businesses growing. I have helped hundreds of wedding business owners over the world build their business, their confidence and their love for what they do. I know that you reading this now has what it takes to build a beautiful business. How do I know? Because you wouldn’t be on this page, reading this paragraph right now if you didn’t.

Business is fun. But it is also hard work and you need someone to help you, hold your hand and take away some of the strain. You see, you are not meant to be good at this marketing stuff. At this design stuff. At the writing stuff. That is not your passion, your love. Your skill is your passion and your love. Whether you are a cake maker, a dress designer, a venue, a planner, a stationer, a photographer, a stylist, a musician, a wedding wonder – that is your skill. But you need this marketing stuff to get that skill out into the world and it is my mission to help wedding business owners get their love, their passion, their skill out there so brides can fall in love. And when they fall in love, they buy.

I worked in the corporate world for 16 odd years as a marketer, focusing on words, focusing on business development and focusing on client experience. I got fed up of the rat race, the silly hours, the fact that I didn’t feel fulfilled. I knew there was more for me. That entrepreneurial spirit burnt deep inside my belly. So I followed the desire and left the corporate world and I started a wedding stationery business. Which I loved. Absolutely loved. The more I worked in the industry the more I could see that suppliers needed guidance, support and help so that they could share their passion with the world. That is when I became an educator, a coach, a mentor – working with wedding business owners to help them grow their business, their self-belief, their confidence and their bookings.

You see, you can do this. You just need a hand to guide you.

Emma Etheridge The Wedding Biz Coach


Brides remember you

Newsletters help brides remember you!

Drive action

Newsletters help brides take action and encourage the booking – whoop!

Drives traffic

Effective newsletters will drive traffic (aka brides) to your website (so they will book!).


Writing regular and good quality content connects you to your soul bride.


Newsletters are a great way of letting your personality out into your business, and brides will love that

Super impressive!

Well designed newsletters are a great way of showcasing just how super duper profess your biz is – this builds trust

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