marketing strategist for wedding businesses | mentor | educator
I help creative wedding business owners grow by teaching them how to market with passion and intention, using practical strategies. 


What do you need right now?


The Wedding Biz Planner

A planner designed for the wedding industry, that gives you space to plan, keep you on track with your goals and making sure you take conscious action for growth.



The Wedding Biz Club

The online community for wedding biz owners who want to be part of something. A place of support, connection &EDUCATION

£25 a month 


The Path

A simple to follow self-study guide, taking you through each step to grow your wedding business, stage by stage. An easy to follow framework to grow your business. A checklist. A “do this then do that” guide to follow.




It is lovely to see you here, community is so important to me and I love how we can connect online and be business besties from afar!

Building your wedding business doesn’t have to be hard, or lonely when you have support, direction & accountability. You already have the skill, you may just need a little hand with the how, to showcase your skill to the brides you want to work with.

Marketing is simply storytelling & sharing what you love with the world.  When you connect to this in your business, everything will become easier. 

You can totally do this. I believe in you

free masterclass

The Simple Path to grow your

Wedding Business


The Wedding Biz Club is for you lovely

The blog

When things go wrong

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan Do you ever have one of those days or weeks when everything seems to go against you Emma? Things happen that you hadn’t planned for, things take longer than you expect them to, things go wrong, things that you cannot control take...

How to Make a Decision

How to make a decision in your wedding business Today I wanted to talk about new opportunities and how to make a decision on them. I am sure you have heard of shiny object syndrome. This is where you get sidetracked with something that is new. Perhaps a new thought, a...

The self-doubt fairy [Free Pep Talk Audio]

The self-doubt fairy [Free Pep Talk Audio] Do you have one? I do. I think, if we are all being honest, we all do. Even the most confidence, most accomplished business owner has one. The self-doubt fairy is the little voice that sits in your mind, picking away at the...

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