How Your Perfectionism Could be Stopping Brides from Booking You.


This is a hard topic for me because it kind of feels like I am talking to myself. Because everything I am about to say I am going to do wincing with pain because this is a hard lesson I had to learn in my own business (and I still have to remind myself every now and then!).

And it is that phrase “Sometimes good is good enough” Click To Tweet

I give 110% to everything I do, in biz and in my life, and sometimes that can hold me back. It can stop me from moving forward. The reason? Because I don’t put things out there that should be out there until they are perfect. But you know what, things will never ever ever be perfect because one person’s idea of perfect is different to someone else’s.

I bet you a coffee (a virtual one mind!) that you are sitting on something in your business. You are holding back on something because it is “not quite there”. It is not perfect. It is good, but not perfect. It may be a new product or service offering, it may be a new design, it may be a thing you have been thinking about for ages but have not yet taken action.  The thing is, until you test the waters you do not really know whether something is going to be right for your brides. And if you do not put that thing out there, then brides will not know it exists and therefore they will not want it!

So, do you owe me a coffee?

This perfectionism is stopping your business from growing. Because if your products, services, awesome wedding offerings are sitting in your brain, in your notebook, or in draft pages on your website, then your brides cannot book them.

I know, I know, I know. I have been you now. Freaking out thinking “But it has to be right” and yes, it has to be good BUT sometimes good really is good enough. You can always tweak, tinker and titivate – and let’s be honest you will do that anyway, it is just part of your business evolving.

Let me give you a real life example of a website. I am currently working on the rebrand of The Wedding Biz Club as one of my February goals and I have been faffing around the new spangly website. I keep changing silly piddly things, things that in the grand scheme of things will not make a difference and this strive for perfection is slowing me down. So, I pulled my CEO pants up, gave myself a telling off and made a decision so I could move forward. I told myself that I can always change the colour of the button (see, I told you it was something silly!) later if I felt the need but now, my priority was to get the blumin thing finished so I can start to get it out there.

You may have been the same with this thing that you have been faffing with, the thing that you have been sitting on and the thing that is not out there for your brides to buy yet.

Your brides need to see stuff to desire it! So you need to tell them about it and to do this you need to get it done.


  • Look at the thing you are not promoting yet and ask yourself why. What is stopping you?
  • If it is because you don’t know the next step to take then you need to have a brainstorm and get down all the steps you need to take (if you need help with this – my Get It Done programme would be right up your street as there is a full module all about planning out a project and making it happn – read more here >>> )
  • If it is because of time, you need to set some time aside to just get it done and get it out there – open up the diary now and block out a couple of hours to just get it done.
  • Look at what can be done that will be good enough and share it – I dare you to do it today.

Until you start to get that thing out there you will not know whether brides will love it and you will not get bookings until they know it exists!

So, stop faffing, stop procrastinating and start doing. That is the only way you will grow.

Move your perfectionism level down a notch from 10 to 8 and you will feel more relaxed, Trust me. Click To Tweet

Emma Etheridge



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