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I have learnt a new skill! The power of the pivot

Remember when you used to play netball at school? You had the ball and you couldn’t move – you had to stay on your landing foot and all you could do was pivot to play the ball in the direction you wanted to go. Normally towards the hoop (which seemed stupidly high for a short arse like me) unless there was some freakishly tall and intimidating fellow 14-year-old with her hands stretched up towards the sky…you would have to change direction because you knew you would never get through that barrier (unless you were sneaky and went through the legs which I probably could have walked underneath because I was so small…anyway enough of my size issues – back to the story!)

To get where you wanted to get to (by the goal) you sometimes had to change direction and look at the options in a different way.

Some days I feel like this 14-year-old version of me, holding a ball which I have to get rid of in under 3 seconds but I don’t want to miss the chance to make the right decision. I don’t want to panic and do something that I will think “Oh crap – I should have gone the other way”. But equally, I don’t want to be holding the ball for ages because then the excitement will have gone.

So I learnt the joys of pivoting.

And now I pivot so many things in my life – from the washing up to the vaccing to the business decisions I make.

Let me explain.

There is always, always, a different way of looking at things and when you embrace this in your life you will be much happier my friend – trust me – if it has worked for me, it will work for you.

So let’s look at what you do when you don’t like doing something.

Example 1:

My accounts. I am not a numbers person. When it comes to my accounts I am a head in the sand kinda business owner (which I am working on so don’t judge me or shout at me !!). I know I will get done what I need to get done but I will hate doing it. So I pivoted. Instead of thinking “Ewww – accounts, I HATE doing them!” I now think “Oh money! I am pleased that I have got to do my accounts because it means I am making money! Whoop!”

Example 2:

Washing up. We don’t have a dishwasher…so I feel like I constantly wash up! I am an adventurous cook which normally means I have used all the utensils known to man, about 5 different pots and pans (we only have a 4 ring cooker so I never understand how I use 5 pans) and make an “artistic” mess (which basically means I am a messy cook). So after I have cooked (which I love) I am faced with the mess. So instead of going “Grrr!” I pivot. I think of the lovely food we have eaten and how blessed I am that I have eaten such a good meal. I think about how lovely the kitchen will look again when it is nice and tidy. I use the time to listen to a podcast, or some music, or a meditation (just without the eyes closing bit…shhh don’t tell, I am meditation rebel) and I have actually started to enjoy the washing up (shhh..don’t tell hubby!!).

Example 3:

Showering. OK, this one makes me sound weird. I love having a shower, I really do, but It is all the palava afterwards. Battling with the tangled hair from over-aggressive shampooing, moisturising, cleaning the shower – ugh! I just want to start my day – if there was a “getting ready” machine that you stepped into it as “organic” Emma and coming out looking like “video ready” Emma I would crowdfund that bad boy!  But I know it is something that I need to do (if I want to look like a respectable human) so instead of being all Kevin and Perry about it (UK people of a certain age will get this…everyone else will just think I am weird) instead, I pivot. I look forward to having some “me” time, where I can really connect with myself and the day ahead. When I am in the shower I think of what I want to achieve that day. If I have any negative thoughts or niggle worries in my head, I let the water wash them out (A trick I learnt from a good friend of mine, Jennie Harrison, Sleep Deprived Mums Coach – check her out if you have little one who can’t sleep!) and I leave the shower feeling cleansed and refreshed, both inside and out. I then set my intentions for the day ahead whilst cleaning my teeth and combing through my hair tangles, I have a dance whilst doing my hair and then I often listen to a podcast or an uplifting audio whilst doing my makeup. So from doing something I do every morning, something that used to annoy me, I now use the time to start my day in the best possible way. I pivoted.

You can pivot with anything and everything in your business. And in your life.

How can you pivot when you need to make a decision that you are unsure of?


The first step is to assess where you are right now – where is that foot planted.


Now look at all the different options you have – what can you do to make the best of the situation? Who can you involve? Which direction is safe (or dangerous) to go in?


Now which one feels like it is the right thing? Which option feels like it will be the most fun, the most fulfilling?

Go with that one. Follow your gut. You need to tap into that intuition and go with it – it is one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings.

So, next time you are faced with something that you dislike doing but you know you have to or when you need to make a decision, try out the pivot and see what good you can find from the situation and focus on that.

Practice the Pivot this week and see what a difference it has on your outlook (and your outcome).

It’s a powerful one.



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