I just wanted to explain why I think reflection at this time of year is so important, indeed reflecting throughout the year is a critical part of your growth but there is always a freshness, a clean slate feeling that comes with the end of a year and the beginning of a new one that deserves extra attention.

Reflecting helps you to appreciate just how far you have come in your business building journey. Not just the practical and tangible stuff like the big things like a new website, a full order book or your first ever booking but also the stuff you cannot see but that has a big impact, such as your mindset and your confidence in business.


Reflecting makes you feel grateful for all you have done and achieved, which I am certain will be more than you think! But it also helps you to take stock of the here and now so that you can plan for 2018 from the best possible place – where you are NOW. Knowing what held you back during 2017, knowing what challenges you faced, knowing the good and the bad stuff helps to make sure you make a 2018 gameplan that will work for YOU in YOUR business.

Because every-single-business will have a different set of circumstances, a different goal, a different path to follow that is bespoke to them. Yes, there is a guiding map but the actions you need to take in 2018 will be specific to YOU in YOUR business and until you know what barriers and challenges you faced in 2017, you cannot really plan effectively for your 2018. If you need help planning for your 2018, read more about the Curate 2018 Workshop that is starting for 5 days on 8 Jan. For just £40 you can map out your entire year and get support in just 5 days. read more here >>> http://www.weddingbizcoach.com/curate2018/

What happened to you in 2017 happened in the way it did for a reason. It is all part of the journey, part of the lessons that make up your business, lessons that make your business (and you) stronger and more resilient if you spend time looking at what they are. The workbook I have created for you will help you to do just that so if you haven’t downloaded them here it is again >>> http://www.weddingbizcoach.com/reflection2017workbook/ 

Reflecting is a key part of the growth of your wedding business so make the time to do this.







8 – 12 JANUARY 2018




 Over 5 days we will work together, online, in a group mastermind to lay out your plans for 2018.

By the end of the 5 days you will have:

A list of what projects/products you want to develop/launch over 2018

A month by month plan that will keep you accountable

A content calendar that will keep you visible to your couples

A new working schedule that will make you super-efficient

A clear view of the year in a simple two-page action plan

A new found focus and determination that will keep you focussed



Each day I will come into the private closed Facebook Group live @1pm and teach one lesson and give you some actions to take that will mean, in just 5 days, you will have your entire 2018 laid out in a way that works for you, in a way that works for your business and the way you work within your business.

There will (of course) be a super handy and beautiful workbook.

The group will stay open for the year so if you cannot attend live you can watch the replay and take action – and come back and refresh 6 months later if you need to!


At the end of the mastermind you will also get a really valuable tool that I use in my business to plan out projects and make them happen. This is a simple offline tool that you have total control of, but one that has been invaluable to me (and one that I have never shared before).

I will also give you two extra tutorials, one on Trello and one on Asana. These are two tools that I use in my business and you may want to consider them aswell.

Making time for what matters to you in your world.


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