A bride may enter your business many ways.

20 JUNE 2017 // YOUR BRAND 

Where are you doing “stuff” online? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Newsletters, Blogs, your website…think about all the places that you are putting you and your business out there.

There are quite possibly a lot of different places. So you never know which route your bride is coming into your business.

  • She may have come across you on Facebook and got lost in the pictures on your newsfeed.
  • She may have seen a pin on Pinterest and clicked through to your blog page.
  • She may have landed on your website from a google search.
  • Or perhaps she has visited your website after a wedding fair.

We kind of assume that everyone is coming through the front door  – your website home page. BUT they are not necessarily. The first page they may land on may be your blog, or a product page, or your gallery.

So we need to make sure that…

01. There is a consistent feel across all the places that you are online

02. It is easy for your couples to navigate around your site, regardless of where they have entered it

03. Oh and we also need to make sure that everything is helping to tell the story you want it to (more on that here)

So let’s look at 01 First.

The look and feel of your business, your brand, is really key in attracting the right brides to you. If you are looking for a modern, trendy bride then having a traditional brand is not going to draw their eye. So you need to make sure that firstly you have a brand that appeals to your ideal bride and secondly that that look and feel is consistent throughout your business. Let’s say they have landed on your home page which is all new and spangly but they go to your gallery and the images tell a different story. We want consistency because this build desire and it builds trust.

This consistency needs to be throughout all of the places that you are online. We don’t want a bride seeing your latest stuff over on Instagram or Facebook and then coming over to your website to a different look and feel – we need this to flow because this builds that trust.

If you feel like you need help with your brand then why not take a look at my one week to done brand package here > http://www.weddingbizcoach.com/oneweekbranding/

Let’s look at 02. navigation.

On your home page you may have some really clear buttons to help point your bride through to the various pages on your site.  For example , on mine I have

But what happens when a bride lands on a page that isn’t your home page – do you have somewhere else for them to go to help draw them closer into your business? Let’s say they have read a blog, they may want more but unless it is clear, they are likely to hit “x”.  So it is important to keep these signposts throughout your website so that they know where to go next. If a bride has got to the end of your blog then she is likely to want to know more about you and what you can help them with so make sure there is a link to something that links and that they can click on to find out more. Perhaps in a blog post you have talked about a specific style of wedding or a particular product – make sure you link to that product to encourage the click through.

I would recommend having three key “buttons” on your website that you can use at the bottom of each page so that you can keep encouraging the journey you want your brides to go on.

Join me on Friday at 11am over on my Facebook page where I will be talking about this more and will show you how to create the buttons I talk about above, whatever website platform you use.

Let’s look at 03. the story you are telling

As your business grows and as you add new products or services to your biz it is easy for your website to get a little confuzzled. Let’s say you have added some new pages to your website that are a different look and feel of the rest of your website (see point #1 above) it is not going to flow as easily for your couples. Let’s say they have landed on your home page which is all sparkly and lovely and then they go onto your portfolio page, or your product page and the look and feel is a bit different. Perhaps it was an old page on your site. Perhaps it was a page that you just haven’t given much attention to lately or even since your website was first put together. Perhaps your style has changed now.

This is so easily done because I often find that people work really hard on their website when they first set it up and then they don’t give it much attention after that. We are all guilty of it! There are pages on my website that I need to update (so don’t feel bad! I am not preaching here I am saying we are all the same!).

What is important though is that there is some flow between the pages on your website, that they are telling the story you want. It may be better not to have a page on your website at all rather than have one that is old and different to the rest of your site.

Remember, we are trying to build trust with your brides and we want them to get “the feeling” that you have your shit together! That you know what you are doing! Even if below the surface you are paddling frantically…from the outside you want to look sorted, proper, trusting.



Write down all the places that you put stuff out online and spend just 10 minutes flicking between them to see if there is a consistent look and feel across them all. Don’t panic if there isn’t but recognising that there is some work to be done is the first step to making this work. For example, I know at the moment that my Pinterest is really not on brand for me but instead of letting it stress me out, I have opened the diary up and planned when I am going to work on my Pinterest strategy. You see we are all evolving and growing and developing and there are always things that we want to improve. The first step is knowing what needs to change and then the second step is making time to do it.


Add some clear navigation buttons throughout your website so whichever page your bride lands on they know where to go next *come and join me for some live training on this on Friday at 11am over on https://www.facebook.com/weddingbizcoach


Just click through to your website and see if it is telling the story you want it to. Is it showcasing products and services that support the style of bride you are trying to attract into your business? If there are some pages that are out of whack then list them down and take one each week to work on. Soon you will have all the pages sorted!

Just know that your website is never done. You will always want to change, to develop, to improve it and that is a good thing. We are all doing this all of the time.




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