How to schedule a blog post on wordpress

Blogging is such a fantastic way of bringing brides to your website and demonstrating your expertise. I could talk about the power of blogging for days and days (sometimes it feels like I do and I know my clients will be reading this saying “Yep, you do!”). One of the keys with blogging is consistency, not just for the benefit of your business – the more regular your post the more Google will love you, the more SEO will work, the more epic it is for your business (told you I could talk about it for ages!) – but for your sanity as well. If you know that you are going to post a blog post every week on a certain day for example, it helps you keep yourself accountable and this, as we all know, is one of the keys when it comes to getting stuff done in your business.

So today I wanted to share a super quick tip with you to show you how you can schedule a blog to go out on your WordPress website. If you are not a WordPress user, I am sure there is a way to do this with the platform that you use so get on You Tube and there will be a tutorial for sure.

Why schedule a blog post?

1. Consistency and Batching

A great way to keep consistent with your blog posts is to batch create them. This means sitting down and writing a stash of blog posts in one go so you have a few done at the end of the day. You could allocate one day a month which is your blog writing day. Then perhaps another day where you get together all the images you want to use and get them scheduled into your website (which I will show you in a sec), your newsletter and your social media (you want to be sharing the pants of each and every blog post you do to get maximum return on your efforts). This means that from just two sessions a month you have your blog posts ready and working on autopilot for the next month or two

2. To cover busy periods

You will know when your peak wedding season is, when you have lots of prep to do for weddings to get the delivered so you need to plan for this. If you know that you are going to be really busy between July and September, then pre-scheduling things in such as blog posts and social media means you don’t have to stress about them when you have enough on your mind. It is all great being busy, of course it is, BUT you still have to keep your visibility up so that the following season you are busy as well. You do not want to fall into a hole of weddings where you do not put anything out into the world because brides will not find you, they will not discover you and this means that they will not be able to book you.

3. To cover times when you need a break

We all need regular breaks in our business, whether that is a bit of a digital detox or a holiday. It may be that there is one season in the year that you know doesn’t fuel you with motivation, so you want to be aware of that in your business, so you can take the pressure off yourself, and the guilt. Scheduling blogs posts means that on those weeks where you feel a little “meh!” you can lay around in your PJs if you want and still know that your biz is covered.

So how do you schedule a blog post in WordPress?

It’s easy and here are the steps:

1. You write your blog post as you normally would as a “new post”

2. You fill out all the usual information

3. When you go to publish the blog post

4. Instead of clicking “Publish Immediately” click “Edit

5. Pop in the time and date that you want the blog post to be published

6. Once you have done this you will then see that it says, “Schedule for: [date] [time]” and the button will say “Schedule” instead of “Publish”

7. You can look at your scheduled posts by clicking on “Posts” in the left-hand menu and you will see the posts you have already published and those that are scheduled

But how do I schedule the promotion of a scheduled blog post in social media because it isn’t live?

OK, so let’s say you have a blog post scheduled to go out next Monday. You cannot promote that on social media until it has gone live on your site because the link you use won’t work. So, you have to schedule your social media posts to go out AFTER the time your blog post goes live (the time you have scheduled it for). But, you can still plan these because the permalink will not change. Let’s say I have scheduled this blog post, you can see here that the permalink is shown, and this is the link that will lead people to my blog post – this does not change when the blog post goes live, it stays the same (unless you change it of course). So, when I schedule a blog post, I make sure the permalink is what I want it to be and then I use this to direct my audience to that blog post.

The permalink is basically the www.[yourwebsite].com/[nameoftheblogpost] link that you use when sending people to a specific page on your website.

So, that is how you schedule blog posts into your WordPress website. 

If you are thinking “Yeah, this is all great but I don’t ever blog!” then, without being harsh, you need to get off your butt and get to it BECAUSE blogging is one of the best way to drive traffic to your website, in other words, get brides to FIND you so they can FALL IN LOVE with you and then BUY from you. 

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