It can be frustrating as a wedding supplier seeing posts about ‘self-care Sunday’ when Sundays can be one of your busiest days!

So, let’s create self-care Monday when you take some time for you, every Monday morning to set yourself up for the week and to help you feel good! #selfcaremonday is the new thing!

Self-care is something that can feel like a real luxury, especially when you are starting off in business or perhaps going through a tricky time in business. You feel guilty. You feel like you need to be working on your business every second you possibly can to make it work. And yes, OK, there are times like that when you are stacked up with orders BUT if you are not looking after yourself, your mindset, your outlook, your health, your business will ultimately suffer.

I know the feelings of guilt because I myself have had them in the past but when I realised that I needed to spend time on ME, my business started changing for the better.

So, let’s embrace self-care and let’s see what we can achieve, how we can feel and what difference it has on your business *and your life*

Since having George, my self-care has dropped massively. Before George came along, I used to be very focused on my self-care practices. Doing yoga, meditations, visualisations, gratitude, journaling every day but since being a mama the balance of this stuff has dropped off the edge of a cliff so I am on my own mission to get back to it.

And on my mission, this is what I have done…something that I think may help you.

I created myself a little self-care basket. A beautiful basket that has in it lots of things that make me happy so that when I do sit down to do some self-care, I have everything I need in one place. No excuses. No barriers. Just everything there, ready and waiting for me. I can move the basket from room to room and just have some time to myself when the time becomes clear for me.

Inside it there are lots of lovely things that make me feel good and help me focus on my self-care.

It includes:

  • My journal (the most important thing!)
  • My favourite pen (so I have no excuse not to journal)
  • A gorgeous neom candle
  • A set of beautiful matches because they feel really luxurious!
  • A special room spray that smells beautiful
  • My nail kit
  • Some luscious body oil
  • Facemask
  • Hair band
  • Face Serum
  • A naughty but nice treat


I put on a new pair of PJ’s or my comfy slouchy clothes, sit in a happy place in the house and just have some time for ME.

This time really set me up and it is so important for me – even more so now because of Mr George!

So, I hope this inspires you to put together your own little basket of goodies so that you have all the lovely things at hand when you need a little YOU time. Things that make you feel good. Things that make you feel YOU.

Self-care is a hugely important part of looking after you in this business building journey. If you are run down and unwell then your business will be.

This is your permission to prioritise you for a change and to look after the most important asset of your business.

I would love to see your self-care baskets! Tag me on Instagram over at @theweddingbizcoach.


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